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    How To Get Your Web Conversion Rates Shooting Through The Roof

    We’re going to be blunt here; if your website doesn’t convert visitors, it’s useless. You can draw thousands or millions of pageviews, but you need to convert them. As a website owner, you should know that sheer volume of traffic is no good to you. Instead, you should be looking to make a sale. You […]
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    TinyOwl App- An App That Every Foodie Wants

    TinyOwl app which was launched a year back from now is a great food app for food ordering. It was initially launched for services in the city of Mumbai and has eventually grown out to provide its service network to few big metropolis cities of India which are Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Gurgaon. The performance […]
  • A Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Full Time Blogger

    Credit Have you read a lot recently about people who make their living working from home writing blog posts? Do you fancy having a crack at it and seeing if you could improve your life? Then you’ll want to pay close attention to all the steps listed on this page. There are lots of different […]

Advantages of having a Property agent while buying and selling

advantages of Brokers.. Being in real estate requires a lot of hard work and patience in Delhi. Real estate Delhi is facing a lot of positive growth as a result of a lot of NRI investments. In a city like Delhi to get a property of your choice is a path of minor hardship without the help of […]

Important Considerations To Be Made Before Making Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investments For most people owning a property can bring in a sense of freedom and pride that cannot be matched with renting. If you have your own house, you will not be bound by the rules of landlord. Even though buying a real estate property may be the first step that you take towards building your […]

Comfortable Method To Buy And Sell Properties

Housing.com- Buy & sell properties. Selling and buying the flats in patna for sale is one of the most complicated process because it also includes  various factors , in general buying and selling properties as your own is the most complicated process because it is the  time consuming ways at the same time it is one  of the stressful option. […]

27coupons.com Now Integrated in India’s biggest Hindi News Portal Patrika.com !

patrika.com with 27coupons.com_1 I am sure you might have got depressed once in your lifetime after seeing your bank statement and the monthly expenses! And I think after seeing that you might have even tried to save some pennies from the money you spend, but believe me, that’s not as easy as it seems and you might know […]

A Gamer’s Choice: Alternatives to WASD on the Horizon

alternatives to wasd controls For PC gamers, WASD is something that leads to no end of debate. WASD stands for the letters of the keyboard keys used by PC gamers to control movement, while the other hand controls the mouse. For many PC gamers the WASD system is the preferred choice. However, for others – especially those who are […]

Google’s Craziest Easter Eggs You Will Love To See!

google's easter eggs Google has become well known for the easter eggs that adds to its products and services. These easter eggs are nothing but just hidden gems that make us laugh made by Google’s engineers. We can observe other easter eggs like in Windows or any other products but Google is the king of these easter eggs! […]

200 Legal Ways To Make Money Online

200+ ways to make money online I know everyone who is connected to internet do lot of things from which major activity is Social Networking, it’s the place where wastage of lot of time occurs but what if I said that you may earn few bucks while spending your time online with depending on your skills and some how interest. There […]

[Infographic]50 Things Every Geek Should Know

50 things a geek should know Geeks: Guys who are always highly interested in stuffs like computers, blogs, general knowledge, gadgets and all those tech things. Many of the people treat themselves as “Geek” but actually they don’t know actually what a geek is and what a “Geek” should know! And hence Virtual Hosting made a excellent infographic which will easily […]

Guide : Run Nokia X Apps on Any Android Phone

nokia x apps on any android Nokia ‘X’, this year at MWC 2014, Nokia announced three new smartphones in their entirely new Android lineup. They announced Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+ which are low-end devices which run AOSP with Nokia’s skin over it. As we’ve seen since the past few years, wherever Nokia goes, they continue taking their Nokia […]

Turn Your MotoG To MotoG GPE(Google Play Edition) With The Help Of MotoToolGPE

turn_motog_GpE_banner In our previous article, we explained how to root,flash recovery and do other things with your Moto G device with the help of MotoTool. With the simple GUI interface software, you may start rooting your phone. Now, we know that there are 2 versions of Moto G available as: Moto G Regular Edition (Motorola Customised […]

[Guide]Root|Flash|Restore|and Do many more things on your Moto G with MotoTool

MotoTool Featured Image By SYsberto Motorola’s latest flagship phone Moto G getting tremendous response worldwide where in India, Flipkart is the main source for delivering this awesome phone. Also, many users already got hands-on Moto G and fallen in love too 😛 As we know, as an android phone, there are vast options of customising the device as per our […]

Top 7 Ways to Install Android APK on Your Android Powered Devices

top_ways_to_install_apk Google’s Android OS is the best fit and most used operating systems in mobile/portable devices in Smartphones, tablets, smart watches and many more.  Here I am suggesting some easy methods with the help of you may install android apk on your android device. Although, Google provides its own Play store to download the apps directly […]



MyAmplifiers:One Stop Destination For Buying Cell Phone Boosters

Today, we are discussing about Cell Phone Signal Booster from MyAmplifiers, which are the best way to solve all your cell phone connection problems. These includes the various typ Full Story »

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Asus Zenfone C – Impressive Budget Smartphone

Asus is one of the giant million Dollar company today at new digital era with millions of Asus lovers. Asus released a much awaited Zenfone C on 9th March 2015 at the venue of Taip Full Story »