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    Watermark You Photos With This Best Photo Watermark Software: Review

    Copying and downloading images from the web is as easy as right-click and save. There many sites there which offers free downloading of images, but obviously they don’t offer much great quality images. There are many people who stole images from others sites and use them on their blog/website without giving them proper image credits. […]
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    Grab Snapdeal Coupon codes & More from Zoutons.com

    Had you been ever to online shopping before? If you “Yes”, do you directly buy on the price you see without thinking once you could save money. We have found out Zoutons.com, a websites which is a golden place for online shoppers providing massive discount coupons. If you still think you are very rich and […]
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    Rental Agreement by Housing.com making your life simple

    Housing.com has come up with an innovative product called Rental Agreement that allows its users to create customized rent agreements online within few minutes. Launched in October 2014, this service is currently available in Bangalore and will soon be extended to other cities of India in phased manner. Here is how Rental Agreement by Housing.com […]

Exciting New Samsung, HTC Products at the MWC 2015

mwc 2015 Manufacturers, marketers, service providers and developers from around the world have gathered in Barcelona a few days ago, at the most important mobile technology event in Europe this year: the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015. Although the CES has stolen part of the show, with some major new products being presented at the event, there […]

Pre Launch Projects in Chennai By Tata Value Homes

tata value homes Tata Value Homes had recently made headlines by being the first major housing firm to sell homes off retail websites. Amongst numerous other upcoming projects, Tata Value Homes has planned 2 major projects in Chennai. Even though both these projects are helmed by the same builder but they have been created for different segments of […]

Google’s Craziest Easter Eggs You Will Love To See!

google's easter eggs Google has become well known for the easter eggs that adds to its products and services. These easter eggs are nothing but just hidden gems that make us laugh made by Google’s engineers. We can observe other easter eggs like in Windows or any other products but Google is the king of these easter eggs! […]

200 Legal Ways To Make Money Online

200+ ways to make money online I know everyone who is connected to internet do lot of things from which major activity is Social Networking, it’s the place where wastage of lot of time occurs but what if I said that you may earn few bucks while spending your time online with depending on your skills and some how interest. There […]

A Gamer’s Choice: Alternatives to WASD on the Horizon

alternatives to wasd controls For PC gamers, WASD is something that leads to no end of debate. WASD stands for the letters of the keyboard keys used by PC gamers to control movement, while the other hand controls the mouse. For many PC gamers the WASD system is the preferred choice. However, for others – especially those who are […]

[Infographic]50 Things Every Geek Should Know

50 things a geek should know Geeks: Guys who are always highly interested in stuffs like computers, blogs, general knowledge, gadgets and all those tech things. Many of the people treat themselves as “Geek” but actually they don’t know actually what a geek is and what a “Geek” should know! And hence Virtual Hosting made a excellent infographic which will easily […]

Guide : Run Nokia X Apps on Any Android Phone

nokia x apps on any android Nokia ‘X’, this year at MWC 2014, Nokia announced three new smartphones in their entirely new Android lineup. They announced Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+ which are low-end devices which run AOSP with Nokia’s skin over it. As we’ve seen since the past few years, wherever Nokia goes, they continue taking their Nokia […]

Best 6 Ways To Run Android on PC

run android on pc Recently Intel and AMD announced that they will soon introduce Dual OS systems, which will be having Windows OS and other one is tech-savvy people’s Android OS and also if You want to give a trybefore it arrives in the market then you may run Android on your PC right now, with the help of […]

Turn Your MotoG To MotoG GPE(Google Play Edition) With The Help Of MotoToolGPE

turn_motog_GpE_banner In our previous article, we explained how to root,flash recovery and do other things with your Moto G device with the help of MotoTool. With the simple GUI interface software, you may start rooting your phone. Now, we know that there are 2 versions of Moto G available as: Moto G Regular Edition (Motorola Customised […]

[Guide]Root|Flash|Restore|and Do many more things on your Moto G with MotoTool

MotoTool Featured Image By SYsberto Motorola’s latest flagship phone Moto G getting tremendous response worldwide where in India, Flipkart is the main source for delivering this awesome phone. Also, many users already got hands-on Moto G and fallen in love too As we know, as an android phone, there are vast options of customising the device as per our need. […]

Top 7 Ways to Install Android APK on Your Android Powered Devices

top_ways_to_install_apk Google’s Android OS is the best fit and most used operating systems in mobile/portable devices in Smartphones, tablets, smart watches and many more.  Here I am suggesting some easy methods with the help of you may install android apk on your android device. Although, Google provides its own Play store to download the apps directly […]

[GIF] 2 Simple Ways to Find Date & Time When Windows Was Installed

windows installation date After long time, we are back with some regular stuff like related to Windows OS and other platforms. We recently posted the review on Ditto Note 3 ROM made for Samsung Galaxy Note II device with video review too where v3 version based on latest official MK4 firmware is out by Team Electron. So, today’s topic […]


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What is USB OTG and How Can I use it?

If you have android smartphone and you want to use it in a more smarter way then you have to be very sharp about picking up your accessories where you may connect external USB flas Full Story »

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DatingScript – One and Only Most Trusted Dating Software Solution

Today we are talking about DatingScript, yes you heard it right, the one and only which is having elegant design, lots of features with help of you can make your own advanced datin Full Story »