YouTube, an influential video sharing network is also quite influential and effective search tool for many online video game players. According to the research, audience size interested in video content of online gaming is growing at fast pace and is expected to reach up to 500 million. Currently, almost 35% of online players find out new updates about games on YouTube. Statistically, gaming channels cover a major part of YouTube and are also contributing indirectly in improving Video game sales. Though the content comprises of tutorials, commentaries, let’s play and much more, yet gaming channels have observed an increase in YouTube views.


In many ways, YouTube has changed the ways video game industry works. As online gamers are always curious to experience new games and updates about them. Therefore, the content most posted on YouTube is about creating anticipation among the viewers, which has also helped in improving purchases. You will be surprised to know that some of the gaming channels have grown tremendously on YouTube, which has also affected their video game sales. PewDiePie is one of the biggest names in providing commentaries on video games and allows you to access let’s play. PewDiePie is considered to be one among few popular entertainers with over 37 million subscribers and more than 9 billion views on its videos.

There are many such companies who have realized the potential of YouTube, and how effective it can be in contributing to their business. Now, the method of use may differ depending on the quality of business. A worthy advantage of YouTube in comparison to the Tv commercials or the traditional ways is that on YouTube you are not bound to pay for the promotion through videos, it’s an effective form of advertisement at almost no cost. Here in this example, PewDiePie, the average viewership of a video is 2 million, which means those viewers are watching the video to see him play the game. Likewise, there are many YouTube channels that are completely dedicated towards a specific video game and viewers are linking their version of commentaries about the game have gradually seen an increase in YouTube views.

Other companies have also noticed the effect YouTube can bring in to help a gaming channel grow, such as CD Projekt Red that created The Witcher 3: Wild hunt; Treyarch and much more. These companies have been pre-realizing their games with few renowned YouTubers. This trend is a unique method of promotion and the reason why it's beneficial for both the parties is that the YouTubers get an exclusive content for their viewers, whereas the gaming company gets to promote their game to the loyal players indirectly. Though this kind of adverting is not a foolproof method to rely upon and is counted as free marketing, yet the gaming companies are experimenting by collaborating with the YouTubers without any contract. Also, due to the unrestricted factor, YouTubers freely put out their opinions and rest depends on the audiences’ perception.

However, few companies like Nintendo, Rockstar and EA Sports are not ready to accept the way any YouTube Channel can market their Product as a channel is free to express their verdict in a positive or negative light, which might harm the reputation of a company.

As per the terms and conditions of YouTube, only the gaming company can earn by using the video game, the YouTubers are allowed to collect the ad revenue from the viewers that are viewing YouTube ads placed in between the video. Otherwise, If the YouTuber is making videos of playing a video game, they are technically making money from that game, which is not allowed. Any company can file a claim and ask the YouTuber to take that video down immediately.

Although YouTube has helped in increasing Video game sales and the advertising trends have turn around immensely but the problem is that many companies find themselves helpless when it comes to controlling the message, as any third party can take advantage of their video game/ product by using them to earn revenue without the permission of the company.