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Ultimate Video Converter

Today we are giving detailed info-review on Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate v 6.7.1 which is easy to use, fast conversion and rich in features like convert a video from one format to another, burning a movie on a disc and downloading a video from web. Even if free softwares are available in the market, there is no match with this professional application which is one of the most downloaded and used video converter and featured in CNET Editor’s Pick, PCWorld and etc.

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From the name itself it suggests, it is a wonderful video converter which is very useful and powerful though. We ourself used and written a detailed review on it. There are many features and advantages as following:

Simple and easy to use interface:


Wondershare video converter's user interface(UI) is very simple and easy to use where theme applied is also nice one. Adding files to convert is simple such as drag n drop or using the add files options. Also we may use load DVD option to load
videos from a disc. There are 3 main options showing in central:

Convert: Converting videos and also editing them
Burn: Burning the edited videos with custom menu
Download: Downloading a video from youtube and other sources directly by providing the link to video

As usual there is output format/preview panel at right side giving you options to preview and select formats.

Convert videos 30X faster than other converters:

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is truly fast converter which converts your videos with 30X faster than other converters.


Burn Videos to DVD,ISO with custom menu and settings:

wondershare_video_converter dvd

Convert Home DVD to various video formats such as converting a disc to MP4 or MKV that can be played on a Big screen from USB stick. You may do burn any homemade video in different formats to DVD5/DVD 9 disc, DVD folder, or ISO files with free
provided 10 DVD menu templates to make your DVD unique, so you can enjoy the action on the big screen.

Convert video to 150+ formats with options of editing them:

wondershare_video formats

You may add as many videos with different output formats at same time to convert them all. Wondershare supports different input and output formats total of 158 formats which includes MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, FLV, 3GP,and many others. If you are converting a video for your devices like iPad or mobiles and don't know the resolutions, then Wondershare will help you to choose your device from list which shows thumbnails too.

You may edit the videos with options such as:

Trimming, adjusting, adding effects, putting watermarks and adding a subtitles in
the videos.

Downloading video and capturing a video with single a click:

wondershare_video_converter download

When you install wondershare video converter, some extensions/add-ons will be required to be installed in every browser that will help you to download the videos that you are playing with selecting different quality. Also, you may download a
video by providing link in wondershare application.

Wide compatibilty|Easy 2D to 3D Conversion|GPU acceleration:

This latest version of video converter is fully compatible with Windows 8.1 operating system and also previous versions too, so that you may use it without any hesitation.

Wondershare video converter supports effective 2D to 3D video conversion i.e, converting normal 2D content to 3D content that can be enjoyed on a blu-ray home theater systems.

And here is another brilliant feature i.e, GPU acceleration transcoding which automatically detects your multi-core processor to utilise it for converting videos at much faster rates.

Powerful iTunes Library Organization:

Adding Metadata:

Wondershare lets you add metadata to the imported movie, TV Show or home video. The metadata retrieved such as artwork, actors, episode name and etc. can also be edited right from the software.

Organized iTunes Library:

The converted files will be automatically synced to the iTunes library upon connection.

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Excellent support if any problem occured:


No problems occured while we are using it but unfortunately if you experience any difficulties of using, licensing, or any issues, you may send feedback/contact to Wondershare support desk via softwares inbuilt options and support team will try to answer your query as soon as possible.

Final Verdict:

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the best and affordable 2D to 3D video converter available in the market which gives more features with simple and easy UI. You may try the trial version before purchasing it from here. Normal price of one license is about $69.95/- but as new year sale, you may grab it for only $49.95/-

We ask you: Which video converter do you use to convert your videos?

Ultimate Video Converter


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