Why Getting A Car Jack Can Make A Big Difference

Folks who have the knack of checking the things underneath their car will need to be extra careful. Aware how much a vehicle weighs, making sure that it is lifted in the right way with the proper car jack and jack stands is a must.


The type of car jack to get will depend on various factors. This includes the type of vehicle, its overall weight, brand credibility and of course the budget a car owner has. For those who play it safe, getting the best car jack in the market is the best way to go. But then again, that does allow the fourth factor mentioned previously, budget, as a concern.

When a person buys a new car, there are normally the standard jacks that come with the vehicle. However, these are included mainly to help when flat tires occur. While some do turn to them to help when making minor car repairs (i.e. brake pad checking or replacements or checking some of the stuff under the chassis), they may not always be the best recourse. In fact, they do pose as a hazard at times since they were designed only for minor instances.

Hence, heavy-duty car jacks would still suffice. Some may cost a lot but there are cheaper alternatives made for car owners who want to tinker around with their vehicles, particularly underneath. In short, some do crawl underneath their cars to diagnose or make repairs they can do for themselves. Hence, making sure that it is safe with a heavy duty car jack is the best way to go and maybe some stands in the event a person wants to lift the entire vehicle and leave it in an elevated state.

Ideally, car jack prices depend on whether they are basic or for the complex car buffs. The economy priced jacks normally range somewhere between $30 to $40 while the semi-pro piece cost between $65 to $99 a pop. It would be best to take note that the semi-pro jacks are wider and come with a more stable wheelbase and can lift higher. So depending on how frequent a person plans to tinker with his car, a heavy duty car jack may be better for the longevity of use.

Speaking of longevity, jack stands can be put to good use in many ways. One is that it allows a car owner to leave a vehicle in an elevated state. And while car jacks can do the same, the hydraulic system is a cause for concern, especially if it malfunctions for one reason or another while on the lift state. This may be an unforeseen event, something that could lead to injuries like the car suddenly descending and inadvertently trapping a person underneath.

Hence, the self-mechanic would do well to get these jack stands. They come in handy for folks who want to change their vehicle's oil on their own, install perhaps a new muffler or shock absorbers or even the simple rotation of tires. As one can see, it is not merely about safety but also about saving the self-mechanic time to complete his car repair objectives.

And like the car jacks to get, jack stands are also differentiated depending on quality. Brand and price will be a driving factor, meaning you get what you pay for. Some things to consider before buying include checking the kind of material used in the jack stand, the maximum height elevation it can go and the adjustability it can do.

Car jacks and jack stands are just one of the many things a car owner would invest to in making sure that he can perform the necessary do-it-yourself repairs. There are plenty of other tools and equipment likely stored up in the garage, each ready to be used once a car owner gets the chance to tinker around or check his vehicle.

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