If you are a business owner and want to create your website, the web hosting plays an important role here! When you are going to create a site first time, you will first look at the word “Free”! After all, we all want to save some money! But before select any option, it’s always better to analysis properly which one is better and be aware of the salesman who offers you free web hosting. When you buy a website, there are several options available for you!  If you choose paid web hosting, you will get much more regarding the functionality and customer support. This article provides different ideas on certain of the benefits of paid web hosting.


Always Remember Nothing is Free In This World!

There are lots of companies available who offer free web hosting because they hope in future you will upgrade the free version into premium account. Once you choose a free account, you will get limited access. You won’t be able to access FTP and get 50 MB of storage and a less quantity of bandwidth. So, you have to upgrade to get all advantages.

Customized Your Website Theme

If you choose any paid web hosting, you can able to use any theme easily. You can select any theme from thousands of WordPress themes or Google and customized it as per your requirement. But if you choose free web hosting, you are unable to customize it properly.

The Free Hosting Website Can Disappear Any Time

If you choose free web hosting service, it may stop anytime. They may stop their services anytime if they face any problem with their business. And this means, your site is not safe. So, if you want to start an online e-commerce website or shop seriously, you have to take paid service. And free web hosting service providers also have some terms and condition which you need to know properly, and if you break any, they may delete your account without informing you! Paid web hosting service back up and maintain your site completely.

User Can’t Sell or Transfer Their Website To Others

If you wish, you can sell your website to anyone easily. But if the user selects free web hosting service, then they are unable to sell their website to other because actually, it's not their website its service provider's website. Users don't have any ride to sell the website directly. So, for a website owner, it's always better to choose paid hosting service, and they can take any decision on their website easily.

Paid Web Hosting Provides Complete Server Control

Suppose, if your website becomes popular and more and more customers hit your website, and you are using free web hosting, then it's high time to choose a premium account. Anytime, once your site cross bandwidth limit, it will stop site, and it creates bad impact on your business.

So, try with the DreamHost premium web hosting service provider. It is such a popular host service provider which full fill your entire requirement. They are one of the reputed web hosting and cloud service provider which offer several advantages. Purchase some premium hosting plan from the DreamHost and use it properly.  If you want to make your site more popular, then you should try premium hosting plan. It does not cost so much, and you will get much higher bandwidth limit and if you exceed the limit, you can able to upgrade it easily.

Select the Best Web Hosting Service Provider

If you want to buy a premium website hosting service, then you should choose the DreamHost service provider. It is such a popular hostwhich offers unlimited bandwidth. They are offering different types of hosting plan, and you can choose any plan as per your requirement and the budget. They have 856 plans from different providers. If you choose from them, you will get unlimited domains, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth and uptime. They also provide you information about which hosting is better for your website! They provide strong customer care support and technical support. So, during booking or payment, if you find any problem, call them now! But a web hosting plan from them, it is such a popular hostservice provider who offers an attractive discount as well.

Through Free Web Hosting Unable To Improve The Site

If you want to improve the site, you cannot do using free web hosting. Within the free hosting plan, there is some limitation, and you have to follow those limitations. You cannot change the theme; you cannot improve your website at free of cost. They offer very basic theme and no plugin as well.  So you have to install premium web hosting plan and use it properly.

Types of Web Hosting

There are different types of web hosting available in the market, like

Shared Hosting– This hosting plan is cheap and the best for the beginners. It is cheap but not very good for the professionals. It has some limitations, and you have to follow those properly.

VPS Hosting – The virtual private server is another popular mode of web hosting. It offers several advantages to their users.

Dedicated hosting– This is one of the best services where you are only one who uses the server. It offers unlimited bandwidth and storage system.

Cloud Hosting– This hosting service is same as VPS hosting. And presently, companies called it VPS Cloud. Within a network, cloud based hosting permits you to use the resources of several servers.  It will also protect your site from the virus.

Well, selecting the right hosting plan for your business is quite tough. First, you should understand the requirement and then you choose the hosting plan. You can choose any hosting plan, but premium hosting plans are always better. So, choose a reputed company like DreamHost and select any hosting plan for your website and contact them now. Visit their website, or contact their customer care department to know more details.


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