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In Our Previous Topic, We Explained What is the Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting. Now,you should Understand What is Hosting and What types of it with What features you will get.

Generally,There are 4 types of Servers as Shared,Virtual Private Server(VPS),Reseller Hosting and Finally Dedicated Servers.
Depending on your Requirements,you may opt for Particular Hosting Packages from Hosting Companies.We have Explained All Hosting Servers in Detail below:

Shared Hosting:

The General and Cheap hosting is Shared Hosting which is Opted by Most E-commerce Sites and Other Small Business. The Hosting Company Provide Space to Host A Site,Maintain and keep the cost as Minimum. Most of the Bloggers Community Too Use this Shared Hosting,as it is Much Sufficient as per their Requirement.You may choose Different plans based on Disk Size and Monthly Bandwidth.If you wish You want more space,you may get converted to good Plan as per Hosting Company Holds.

The Features you get is Totally Dependent on Your Hosting Companies Latest Cpanel Software or Any Other Software used by them.

In HawkHost,you get Lot of Options with R1 Backup System so it will backup your data day-to-day.This Type of hosting is for Medium type of traffic and Low Load based Websites.

The Pricing is Much Less than any other Hosting Servers available.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers is next Staged hosting which having More Bandwidth, More Disk Space and Great Faster Upload/Download Service with Low Maintainance.

The VPS servers are made for those who want More Power and More Space with Great Uptime of WebSite.

The Services provided in VPS Are same but Some Of The Functions are Added as It runs on Different Operating Systems.
This is advance type of Hosting Server and Price is Greater than Shared Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

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Dedicated Hosting is Best Solution for Bigger Companies who wants Their own Server with their own Onsite Developement Team. Companies with huge amount of Data Processing and Main Feature is that Support Team is Always Available in this Hosting Server.

The Companies may do Work Flowlessly as Speed is High and Disk Capacity is Customisable and it is under control of Companies Info Team.

The Cost of Dedicated server is Much High from Shared and VPS in Hosting Packages.

The Features are Widely Opened and they may Compile their own Web Solution in it.

From all above data, We think Now your Server Related Queries may be Cleared and You may now Select Appropriate Hosting Solution as per your requirement.


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