In the Modern Communication life, Different Apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and many more.

As we already know Android operating system is most vulnerable to viruses and Not much secured because of different things. On Android, Whatsapp have got Virus Named “Priyanka”, A Girly name Virus spreading through Contacts file that if you add it to your contacts, will change all the name of all groups and Contacts on Whatsapp to “Priyanka”.

priyanka virus

You may also heard about this virus from your different relatives and groups. In one of my group, Some people got this virus and got affected. Once it gets on your phone it will automatically forwards itself to all Whatsapp Contacts without your Permission. I thought it was just a Prank but later I found It was True virus !

whatsapp virus

So,If you wanna stay away from this Don't add “Priyanka” named Contact on whatsapp and if you received it to add Just Delete it away !

If you added and got affected by this or want to remove it from your Android phone Just Do As instructed but this is not a Perfect solution yet came but overall this will fix it.

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NOTE: In this You may loose all your chats and all database i.e, you have to setup it again.
But Whatsapp Auto backup may help you to restore your Previous chats easily.However, You may loose some of your chats as that is performed in Auto Backup but what can you do it in this Virus case!


whtsapp clearing database

1. Search and Delete “Priyanka” Named Contact.

2. In the Settings Panel, get in Apps and Apps Manager.

3. Select “Whatsapp” From the Apps List.

4. Do Force Close and Then Clear Data.

After Clearing all data, Open Whatsapp and Setup like you do In the beginning and in the end Whatsapp will Find and Restore Most Latest Auto Backup i.e, Conversations and Chats.

So, Be Alert and Beware of this virus who have Whatsapp installed on Android Device!

Image Courtesy: [My Galaxy Grand Group and Web]


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