What Should You Be Looking for in An Extended Warranty Policy for Your Smartphone?

Cell phones have become more and more expensive over time. The history of these devices and how they have changed is an interesting one. They’ve adapted over the years to suit our needs and to offer extra convenience to our lives. Once upon a time, a cell phone was mainly for business use, a handy way to contact somebody who is rarely in the same place. That’s all it was for – communication. Nowadays it’s become more of a catch-all device, being a mini-computer and information resource alongside being a camera, a watch, a phone, and a wallet. There’s so much more these devices can do too, so it’s no surprise they’re so integral to our lives.


This is also why it can have a big impact if your phone breaks and you need to go without it. Not only are you now missing a whole lot of technological devices in one neat bundle, you have probably also lost your contacts list, your photographs & videos, your planner and more – yet the final kicker is you still need to pay hundreds of dollars for a new phone too! How do you get around this? Well, you buy an extended warranty of course! But which one? What do you look for?

What is Covered?

The first thing to check is what the warranty actually covers. An extended warranty isn’t only about extending the manufacturer warranty past the original date. It can also be about providing extra coverage while the manufacturer warranty is still active too. A manufacturer often won’t cover situations like accidental damage, whereas an extended warranty can.

Always check exactly what is or isn’t covered. This way if there are situations which aren’t covered, you’ll at least be aware of them.

What’s the Cost?

Having an extra warranty can be great, but is it really worth the cost? Sometimes if you want a very comprehensive warranty which also covers you for a long time, the cost can get quite big. You might actually be better off changing it with just a manufacturer warranty and saving the cash as an emergency fund instead. This way if your phone breaks, you just buy a new one – this may mean you lose your data which is on the broken phone though.

How Does Coverage Work?

Making a claim should be simple, but sometimes it isn’t. Some warranties offer a quick and simple solution – take your phone into a shop and get it repaired or replaced. Others will want you to jump through hoops, posting your phone to a central location for examination for example. Some companies will allow your input on whether to repair or replace, whilst others make the decisions for you. There can even be a small charge, similar to an insurance excess, to make a claim through some warranties. You should know all of these details before signing up to any type of warranty because they make a big difference to how much the coverage is actually worth.

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