What New Features to Expect in iOS 9

The new iPhone 6S will be most likely released this fall, and with it comes a new version of the operating system that makes it worthy of our attention, iOS. The new version will bring a series of changes and improvements, of course. Developers have already had the chance to lay their hands on the new version of the operating system, and we will only have to wait a few months to do the same. According to the announcement, the iOS 9 operating system will run on all devices capable of running iOS 8 – all iPads starting with the second generation, the iPad 2, mini 2 and 3, Air and Air 2, the fifth generation of the iPod, and all iPhones starting with the 4S.


Let's take a look at the improvements of the software side.

The new iOS will feature a new and improved Siri. The smart digital assistant will be more aware of the users' circumstances – it will bring up the Now Playing to the lock screen when they plug their headphones in, or it will bring up the audio book the user has been listening last time when it is connected to a car.

The Maps app will also get improvements – among others, it will finally offer the public transit directions its users were waiting for since its launch. This is important, as the default Maps app is the one used by all system apps and Siri as well. The new updates are said to make Maps even… well, tolerable.

Perhaps the biggest news in iOS 9 is its capability to truly multitask on iPads. Users will be able to “Slide Over” a second app, use it and slide it away without navigating away from what they are doing, or put videos and Face Time calls in the corner of the screen when the home button is pressed. There is a third way for multitasking called Split View, when two apps run simultaneously in a split screen, but this will only be available for iPad Air 2.

Imagine having Royal Vegas online entertainment for Canadians on half of your Air 2, while on the other half you can engage in a video chat with your friends, or even keep up with the latest news. It will be easy, as the Royal Vegas has native support for iOS, and a great selection of games to play with. With iOS 9, you will be able to keep an eye on your favorite slot machine on AutoPlay and working, chatting or reading news at the same time – on the same screen. You can explore the over 100 iOS compatible games Royal Vegas has to offer, redeem their excellent promotions or even play a live dealer game with a beautiful dealer while never having to stop doing something completely different.

The new iOS 9 will come with a new on-screen keyboard called QuickType, said to be the best iOS keyboard yet, with better cursor control, shortcuts, formatting, along with a shortcut bar that suggests the next word, and such. On iPads, of course – such a thing would not fit on an iPhone screen.

The new iOS will also come with support for an improved front camera, which gives us a hint about what the iPhone 6S will have on its front. First, it will most likely be capable of recording 1080p video, have a LED flash. Great news for selfie enthusiasts, right?

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