If you have android smartphone and you want to use it in a more smarter way then you have to be very sharp about picking up your accessories where you may connect external USB flash drives, USB Mice/Keyboard to your device directly on your smartphone. No need of PC, How ? just by using the USB OTG ! Here we explained “What is USB OTG and How Can I use it?”

Let’s have a look on what it is ?

USB OTG means USB On The Go. In a simple way, you can use your android device as a host and connect it. It is a specification by which USB devices like digital audio players or smartphones act as a host and also allows other devices such as camera,mouse, keyboard or USB flash drive to be connected with them. You can now perform many operations by  using OTG compatible devices e.g. sharing photos from your camera to your PC, editing them and then printing them out.

Some Technical device roles :

USB OTG Functioning

It has arrangement similar to that of master slave. a host acts as master while USB device as slave.Technically concerned, OTG consists of OTG-A ( USB Host ) and OTG-B (USB peripheral ) device. OTG-A device acts as power supplier while OTG-B acts as power consumer.  Also few of the devices are not compatible due to Kernel issues but they can be solved via tweaking up the kernel in right way where in some devices hardware is not made compatible for USB OTG functioning though, so it all depends on the manufacturer whether to implement it or not!

How to tell if your device supports USB OTG:

On android, you may either get USB OTG Checker app and try whether your device supported or not or you may directly purchase USB OTG cable which is compatible to your phone and try out whether it works or not.

check USB OTG

USB OTG checker :- The fastest solution to check whether your phone is compatible for OTG or not. It is a free app that can quickly and effectively determines about your device support with OTG. Some user reviews say this app is not accurate but still you have got another way to determine as there are many apps are available to try out such as USB OTG helper, another app from playstore or USB Help Diagnostics.
One of the easiest to find out your device compatibility with OTG is to see following green colour logo :


If you see this logo your device logo, your device is OTG compatible

How to use it on your device ?

It’s not enough that you have OTG compatible device to use the facility but you also need the proper USB OTG cable for your device. Also sometimes you will be needed apps like Total commander or USB Host controller for connecting them with further devices like USB flash drive or a hard disk drive. Also this feature mostly helpful for those who are using devices/cellphones not having external memory card slot.

Charger Compatibility:

This is the unique feature that some of the OTG devices are showing where devices can be used to charge the battery via USB ports. Others can detect a dedicated charger and draw more than mA , thereby charging at a faster rate.


Few Of Device Supporting USB-OTG:

⦁    Sony : Sony Xperia Z, ZL, Z Ultra, Z1
⦁    Nokia : symbian phones Nokia N8, C6-01, C7, Oro, E6, E7, X7, 603, 701 and 808 pureview.
⦁    Samsung : Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 1,  Note 2, Note 3
⦁    LG : LG Optimus G, G2
⦁    Google : Nexus 5
⦁    HTC : HTC X, One, One mini, One max


USB OTG feature is becoming popular now-a-days and also many of the device manufacturers are integrating it in their devices too. Whenever you thinking to get a new mobile/tablet then make sure you check USB Host Compatible feature in the specifications so that you may use OTG on your devices.

Do you use OTG Function on your phone?


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