is basically Serving Great Service to Bloggers | Web Developers with their Ranking Services. This rank gives info how is the Site/Blog is Performing with other Competitors.

Alexa shows basically 2 Ranks on your Dashboard if you have Sign Up On Alexa, as :

Global Rank: Rank of your Website calculated from all over the world blogs.

Country-Wise Rank: This is your Local or Your Country Rank where it is calculated on How much of Users are viewing your blog from their Geo-IP location. Currently giving 4 Different Plans as per Users Requiremen:

alexa plans

1)Free Plan: This is Totally Free Plan available who can't afford other Premium Plans or Their Monthly Pageviews is less than 10 Million/ Month. In this plan, You may only Verify and Claim your site with Lesser info and No Certified Site Metrics.

2)Basic Plan (Trial Plan): This is Basic Plan and This plan is Suitable for those whose Pageviews are Less Than 10 million/month.

3)Insight Plan: This includes most of services from Basic Plan Just have Some Audit+ Features Included.
Price : $49/Month and Suitable for those who getting upto 10 Million Pageviews/Month.

4)Advanced Plan: This is last and heavy plan for those whose blogs/websites have 150 Million Pageviews per month.
Cost is also High from other 3 Plans : $149/Month.
But this plan consists of Deep and Complete Site Audits with Certified Site Metrics and Pageviews Calculated with Approxiamate Analysis.

If you are beginner in Blogging world then you should Start with Free Plan and Try Other Plans if you are getting good response from your Blog.

After Signing Up on Alexa here are the Steps to get your Site Enlisted in Alexa and to Claim Your Site in Alexa:


1) Register on Alexa with your E-mail and Password

2) Head over in Dashboard Tab

3) Click On Add Blog

4) Verify Site Ownership Via Code implementation or File Verification on Your Hosting Solutions.

5) Fill-up Your Site Info properly and Hit Ok!

But File Verification is Preferred than Code Method 😀

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After you submit your Blog, Alexa will start to monitor your Blog with Ranking in Both Systems. Be Sure To Check our Article on How to Boost Alexa rank in no time!

So, This was Detailed Alexa Introduction and Their Different Plans.
Hope you have enjoyed post and now you may Claim your Site in