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Excellent Photo Watermarking Software To Manage and process multiple photos at same time and that too with ease of interface!

Copying and downloading images from the web is as easy as right-click and save. There many sites there which offers free downloading of images, but obviously they don't offer much great quality images. There are many people who stole images from others sites and use them on their blog/website without giving them proper image credits. So if you want to protect your images from being copied and used widely over the internet I will recommend you to put a visible watermark on the image. Yeah I know sometimes watermarking an image makes it ugly, but it’s a necessary evil to protect your photos from being used by someone else for other purposes. If a person really need that image for information purpose, he will add it even if it have watermark. So here in this article I am going to share a fantastic Watermark Software, which can help you to watermark your photos easily.

Features of Photo Watermark Software

Customizable Watermarks:

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You can easily add Text Watermark, Image Watermark and Combined Watermark into your photos. You can either create your own image watermarks or if you have an image which have some special symbols related to your brand in it, then you can add it too to protect your photos from being copied. You can also create text watermarks by creating them using some rich fonts, or you can also add some special kind of symbols, or shadows along with it you can make it look more stylish by adding some effects in it too.

Batch Process Speed For Faster Results

This is most amazing feature of this tool. You can add photos into queue to add watermarks into them. This software can easily perform Batch Watermark and those who are professional graphic designers, they can use it to Batch Resize or Batch Editing. You can also perform a Batch Resizing in it to rename all photos at once and more features are included in it. Do you know how many photos Watermark Software can watermark in 1 minute? It can do it for over 300 photos in one single minute.

Make and Add QR Code As Your Own Branded Watermark

QR codes are the modern way of barcode. QR codes contains some special encoded information. That encrypted information can be read only by scanning those QR codes with QR code scanners. This tools allows you to create your own QR codes and add information in it. After creating QR you can save it so that it can be used many times afterwards.

Watermark Tiling and Invisible Watermark

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For those who often share photos on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr etc. this tool can be so good as you can tile watermark on it because we can't stop anyone on the internet to stop downloading or using our photos once they are uploaded on the web. Along with it you can also add some invisible watermarks in your photos. Most of the digital photos which are out there contains some kind of details in in, such as title of the image, description of the image (when are where it was taken), time when the photo was taken, the name and model of the camera, DPI, software version, file source, etc. This is known as the invisible digital copyright. This tool allows you to add/change the EXIF information.

Create Customized Templates

If you are a professional web entrepreneur or blogger and often need to watermark your photos, and you are tired by creating, saving and adding watermarks each time when you need them, then you can save your own custom watermark style as a template in your computer, after saving it in your machine next time you will have to just load the template to restore your watermark project. This feature can help you to save much of your time. As a blogger I use this tool to watermark my photos using my website logo. The quality is amazing and it works really fast.

Final Words

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So this is it, you have reached the end. This was my review about Watermark Software, which is really great when it comes to watermarking an image. Although there are many more tools and software’s available over the internet to watermark images, but Watermark Software is best among them as I have tested it personally. There comes many times when you don't have internet with you, in that case you can use this tool to watermark your images offline. It is the Best Photo Watermark Software available over the internet according to me. It also allows you to upload your images on website/blog/online storage via FTP so it can turn out to be a great tool for bloggers. I hope you have enjoyed the post and got what you are searching for. Do let me know you vies on it via comments below.

Excellent Photo Watermarking Software To Manage and process multiple photos at same time and that too with ease of interface!


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