Want Your Mac to Be Indestructible?: Buy These 7 Accessories

MacBooks are pretty resilient, but you can invest in accessories to toughen up your computer even more.

What's more, the variety of MacBook accessories out there can be used to personalize your machine, as well as ramp up its security protection.

Here are 7 of our favorite MacBook accessories for you to use on your computer, and make it indestructible.


Top 7 MacBook Accessories

From computer locks to sturdy desktop accessories, the below list are must-haves when it comes to armoring your MacBook.

1: Hard Shell MacBook Cover

One of the most effective ways to keep your computer as bulletproof as possible is to encase it in a hard shell cover.

These casings click into place around your MacBook and provide a sturdy outer layer of protection. They are available from the likes of Amazon, eBay, and other outlets.

It's almost like placing armor onto your computer. The sturdy hard casing is shockproof too, should you drop your computer.

What's more, these accessories are brilliant ways to personalize your computer. They come in various colors and designs, meaning your MacBook will be stylish and eye-catching, as well as sturdy and safe.

2: Laptop Sleeve

Placing your MacBook in a laptop sleeve is one of the best ways you can transport it safely.

Sleeves are often made from a softer material – felt or leather. They come with a padded insulated interior, made to cushion the device should it be dropped.

Dropping a computer on to a hard surface with nothing to cushion it can cause extensive (and expensive) damage. It can affect the hard drive, programs, and the screen. So it's always advisable to preempt this with a sensible transportation accessory.

Sleeves are simple yet effective, easy to store and very lightweight, making them the ideal companion for your MacBook.

3: MacBook Pro Cover

A MacBook Pro Cover offers an extra layer of protection to your computer – literally.

The keyboard cover is designed to fix across the keys on your computer, offering an added barrier from spillages, dirt, and dust.

Unlike the keyboard underneath, the keyboard cover doesn't allow anything to get stuck in the grooves between the keys. It covers these grooves but is still designed with texture.

If you're eating, drinking or simply carrying your computer from place to place with you, this cover is a sure fire way of stopping anything from getting in between the keys and potentially harming the computer.

And what's great is that there are a variety designs out there to add some uniqueness to your keyboard.

4: Computer Lock

If you want your computer to stay firmly in one place – and out of the hands of would-be thieves – invest in a lock for it.

Usually required in offices where the computer doesn't tend to move from the desk, a lock is an extra form of security. It will fix your machine in place, connecting it, and its wires, to the surface it is stored on.

This is a deterrent to anyone hoping to swipe the device, but also a sturdy piece of equipment in case anyone still tries to take it.

5: BookArc Stand

The BookArc MacBook stand by Twelve South keeps your computer slotted firmly in place when storing it on a surface.

Available with a wood finish, or in an aluminum design, this space-saving MacBook accessory can be used as storage, when you're finished with your computer for the day, or as somewhere permanent to keep it.

These accessories are extra useful if you have your laptop connected to an external monitor. It's a neat place to store the computer, out of the way, and keep the cables tidy too.

6: Surge Protector

Investing in a surge protector is a sure fire way to protect your computer – and any other accessories you might have it hooked up to – from power spikes and surges.

When a surge or spike takes place, it risks damaging your machine, with this accessory specifically designed to defend your device from this potential disruption.

Surge protectors usually come with USB connectivity and allow you to be able to plug added devices into them, all the while sheltering those from power spikes, surges and line noise in the process. This makes it a multi-faceted accessory, not just useful for your MacBook.

Surge protectors can also act as an extension lead too, making it the ultimate handy office accessory.

7: Screen Protector

One of the cheapest and most important MacBook accessories you can invest in is a screen protector.

Also found on the likes of eBay and Amazon, these plastic layers are designed to be safely stuck across your computer screen, offering an added element of resilience to it.

Not only will a screen protector stop smears, fingerprints, marks, and dirt get to the display, but it will also be a lifesaver if you were to spill on the computer or drop it.

The plastic layering will stop anything from getting behind the screen, distorting it and rendering the computer unusable. This might happen if someone were to get water on the screen, for example.

In addition, if you were to drop the computer, this plastic sheet will help stop any cracks on the LCD display, potentially saving you a fortune in repairs.

Fully Protected

With the MacBook accessories listed above, you can use your computer, secure in the knowledge that it's as well protected and resilient as it can be.

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