Using A Digital Marketing Company To Develop A Consistent Image

Getting your digital marketing strategy developed is almost as important as developing your product line. Although old school sales folks seem to think that marketing is a dirty word, modern digital marketing isn't about trying to manipulate people with half-truths. It is about trying to ensure that you have created an environment where people can actually find you.


What Is A Digital Marketing Strategy

Let us start by working out what good digital marketing is, and what it is not. If you are working with a reputable online promotion company with services like Alpha Clicks Digital Marketing, which you should unless you are particularly skilled in this area yourself, then there will be more than just a few tips that they will be able to provide to you. However, just as importantly, they will try to steer you away from using tricks that will damage your reputation, as black-hat SEO and advertising still exists despite the fact that search engines will heavily penalize anyone using such methods.

A digital marketing strategy is put together as a roadmap of what you want to achieve and how you can achieve your goals.

Generally, you look at your current brand identity and how you want to be portrayed. You will then look at who your target audience is, and how they behave online. Once you have these very vital pieces of information you can develop where you need to be online, and how you will be presenting yourself.

Designing Your Online Presence

Although the first thing people may think of when they think of developing an online presence is building a website, there is much more to think about than just this as your online presence. Although your website is an important part of your online presence and care should be taken to make sure that it is not only easy to navigate and displays your product well, but that it is also optimized for search engines to find it.

Writing the content for your website can be utilized for other platforms, including social media as well as directory listings, google advertisement and of course Facebook ads. So, calling in a specialist content writer who is able to write SEO friendly text that you can then use in other areas can easily prove to be an excellent investment that can be used over and over again.

Likewise, the image images that you use on your website can also be used across social media and other forms of online presence. If you are selling a product, investing in a good product photographer who can capture a true image of your creations from different angles is a good investment (see here). Particularly if they are able to do so in a way that creates images that can be easily moved to other backgrounds or situations. Social media platforms like Instagram thrive on images, so this becomes even more important if this is going to be one of the platforms you will focus your efforts towards.

The creation of a cohesive online presence is vital to build brand recognition and trust, as well as to create a seamless look and feel from print to video to digital; to get a look and feel that create your brand and makes it easily recognizable no matter what social media platform you present on.

Your digital agency will also not only be able to advise you on what your current presence looks like from a sales and marketing perspective, how to optimize it or rebrand, and then how to take that branding across into print media, sponsorship, even just flyers in your local supermarket. At all times it should be able to represent your brand and your identity. The hardest part for many people with an established business is to consult with a marketing company who wants to change everything, but if you want to develop your business then talk through with them about what their rationale is.

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Much of the time you will find that who you thought your key customers are either aren’t your primary purchasers, or aren’t attracted by your current branding. A classic example of this is males shaving companies, who needed to adjust their marketing to more appeal to females when they discovered they were the primary household shoppers.

Facebook Advertising Or Google Adwords


For most people, particularly small businesses, there is a limit to how much money you want to spend on advertising – even large corporations will carefully budget their advertising spend.

Although there is incredible value in both Facebook advertising and Google AdWords it will depend on what your target audience is as to which is going to provide more bang for your buck.

Your digital agency will be able to best advice you on not only which platform is going to be better for your business, but also how best to create your advertising so that it is well engaged with.

Facebook, in particular, has ever-changing algorithms that mean even when you pay for advertising not everybody will see it. However, one of the big things to be aware of with Facebook is that you can target the audience quite specifically, what this means is that if you set your ad up properly then you will get far more bang for your buck that if you merely boost a post.

Google AdWords has a similar set up where you can target audiences as well as create specific keywords or key phrases that should be applied when your potential customers search.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people have some idea of how search engines work in this day and age, they may even understand what search engine optimization means, however few people implement it very well. SEO is more than trying to use the keyword as many times as possible in a paragraph.

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There is a balance to how many times you can use the key word (this is called the keyword density) and there are different levels of title headings that impact on the importance a search engine will give to a keyword.

SEO is not just restricted to your website but also through any form of written text that you present online.

Having a consistent brand image isn’t just about making sure that the colors are used correctly, and your logo is in the right format it is also making sure that the tone of any text you put out read the same across different mediums.

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