I think we all know about Samsung”s new high end flagship phones mainly Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note III, we have saw new accessory i.e, S-View Cover which looks like normal one but having on-screen display notifications rather than fully closed flip cover. Although this functionality depends upon S-view”s magnetic cover¬†and also device features also affects it and hence it is available on very small range of phones only.

But good news is that, XDA Memberhatroid” made an app for galaxy phones including Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3, etc. So we may use the fully functional S-view functionality on your galaxy device, also you may be thinking that even the app is available but no S-View flips are there to use on device then these problem is also solved by him where you may order appropriate S-view cover based on your device specs available in different colors too which costs only US $8.04 per cover.

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Usually, S-view works with Samsung”s magnetic cover but this is revolutionary development in accessory section where you may get S-view working on proximity sensor!

s-view on any samsung galaxy

Let”s take some overview on S-view App and it”s functionality done by Developer:

S-View works with flip cover(With window), whenever cover is closed View Screen comes up and shows following info:

  • Caller ID Screen
  • Time, Date & Day
  • Notifications on Messages and Missed Calls
  • Music Title
  • S-view logo/Custom Text

Also, this app disables itself when device is being operated in landscape mode and status bar notification for view control.

S-View App Review:

It consists of 3 Buttons:

  • Start/Stop Service
  • Customize
  • Settings
  • where Start/Stop will start or stop the S-view functionality, Customize may give you additional options about position of layout and also changing custom text(In pro version only) and in the settings you will get different options like :
  • Delay Time: Choose delay time, it will trigger the app ON after selected time delay, this feature prevents mistake in triggering S View.
  • Auto Wake Up (Beta): Turns on the screen when cover is opened, does not work on some devices.
  • Use S View Caller ID: Use S View Caller ID to accept or reject call, or use default Caller ID screen

Pro Version APK Features:

  • You may hide S View logo from View Screen
  • You may hide notifications from View Screen (messages/sms icons & count)
  • Display music title (supports default music player)

Although the app works perfect but still it have some problems on few devices as per dev mentioned but this app getting Important updates in next version for few of the bug fixes.

You may try S-view on galaxy phone with the APK from and get if you really liked it from playstore also for getting S-view cover for your Samsung device get here to find yours with color and you may order it for about $ 8.04 only!


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