Today we are going to introduce an app When you are feeling very lazy or you might have done some hard work and you don”t even have that much power that you can use your fingers to press the power button then slide or enter password to unlock.

With the Galaxy S4’s Air Call Accept feature, Samsung started of a trend of controlling the device without touching it at all and So, XDA Forum Member bmbogdan has kept this in mind and made a special lockscreen app for your favorite Android Devices. As the name suggest you can use this app to unlock screen by simply hovering your hand above the screen and unlock it. This app is very useful for those who want to show of their tech skills and boast in front of people that how good is their device and it can do something special.

android magic unlock

This app makes it easier to unlock your device”s screen and takes the uses of sensors a one step further. This app makes you feel like a magician and helps to reduce drainage of battery. Now, the one question which usually comes in every mind is that what will happen if it is kept in the pocket. Don”t worry guys dev has also taken care of this. When you are keeping your device in pocket you can turn off this app or you can use the option in which first you have to press the power button and then hover your hand above the screen to unlock.

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 This app consist of three modes of Working:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

magic unlock android

Features of Above Modes:

  • Low: Low Priority mode runs the app in background which can be memory consuming
  • Medium: Medium Priority mode runs the app in background when enough memory is available or it will run the app in Foreground with a visible notification in the notification bar, it is the recommended mode for this app
  • High: High Priority Mode runs the app in foreground with a visible notification and provides the best response of app.

These all modes works as per RAM Consumption and Available Free RAM. The application’s usage is fairly simple as It makes use of the device’s proximity sensor

Magic Unlock will work with any Android device running version 2.3 and above, but can”t say whether it will be compatible with Android 4.3.

You can Download App

This Guest Article is Written by Maadhav Saxena Who Running his Own Tech Blog TechiStars

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