Ubuntu OS Powered Smartphone will certainly be available in the market starting in October 2013. It was submitted directly by Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd. at an event in New York, recently.

As Ubuntu: Linux-based operating systems have been used in a number of servers and other infrastructure in most IT companies. The operating system will now be available on all lines of mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Ubuntu smartphones feature will also be connected to a keyboard or other accessories wirelessly.

In addition, Ubuntu also has a Windows-based application streaming server that can connect corporate users. That way, users can easily access all the data only through a small device.
“You can divide Windows applications to the desktop phone,” said Shuttleworth.

Ubuntu for mobile built using native applications, which means that the developers simply create an application, because it can also run on a PC. This course will allow users when switching from PC to mobile devices. OS was also has gesture technology for navigation or flipping the pages.


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