raring ringtail

New Version Of Ubuntu, 13.04 named “Raring Ringtail” is Released by Canonical with many Changes and Updates!

“Performance has been Improved much from previous version.”
“As a result 13.04 delivers significantly faster response times in casual use, and a reduced memory footprint that benefits all users.”
Also, now it has better Graphics Drivers.

Ubuntu Raring Ringtail also comes with a new version of LibreOffice. Numbered at 4.0, the new version mostly has under-the-hood features, such as having moved completely from Python 2.6 to Python 3.3, and having less dependencies on Java.

Python 3 is already included in this Newer Version and if users want to use software that was developed on Python 2, they may have to get the package manually.So, Python 2 is said to be available for the foreseeable future as the python package.
You can grab the latest version of Ubuntu from the official website.