TypeWonder:Test Different Fonts On Any Website In Real-Time

If you want to test various fonts on any website or simply test them on your website to know which fits right for your site then Typewonder is the solution! We all know that we may try them with different font packages on our websites easily but what if you broke something while doing this, then it will be big problem to your visitors and ofcourse for you too.

typewonder 1

Typewonder-Beta is online web service where you just have to fill up the URL of any website and select any available fonts from it and then hit enter, within few seconds you will see how your site looks with the font you selected. After then you will see preview window, where you may change to any other font quickly with the horizontal bar shown at the top and finally you have an option to get the required code of your desired font typo and embed it on your site's HTML coding to apply changes for permanent.

typewonder 2

Also, if you don't want to change any website's font but want to test some paragraphs, characters then also Typewonder gives you option to try those many fonts on your typo.


TypeWonder do this things within few seconds where you may see live preview where this service uses the Google Web Fonts API that we all generally using in WordPress or any other web platforms where we have lots of available fonts to set. Beside with online testing on Typewonder website, you may get extension of Chrome|Mozilla|Safari browser for quick switching the font of any website to another.

So, with Typewonder's web service and also browser extensions you may try various fonts and apply fonts that you like!

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