The social networking giant, Twitter is the latest victim of cyber attacks as the website has confirmed that it has been hit by a major security breach and the data of over 250,000 users might have been compromised.

However, Twitter notes that during it’s investigation, it found out that the hackers might have been able to access personal data of over 250K users, and the information like usernames, email addresses, session tokens and encrypted/salted versions of passwords might have been compromised.

Twitter said in it’s official blog, that it detected unusual access patterns, leading the website to identify unauthorized access attempts to it’s user data. The website has confirmed one attack, which it claims was resolved without much delay.

As a precautionary step, Twitter has reset passwords and revoked session tokens for the effected accounts, and all the 250,000 users whose account information is believed to have been compromised, have been sent e-mails notifying them to create a new passwords.

Suspecting that this might not be an isolated incident, Bob Lord, Director of Information Security, Twitter said,

 “This attack was not the work of amateurs, and we do not believe it was an isolated incident. The attackers were extremely sophisticated, and we believe other companies and organizations have also been recently similarly attacked. For that reason we felt that it was important to publicize this attack while we still gather information, and we are helping government and federal law enforcement in their effort to find and prosecute these attackers to make the Internet safer for all users.”


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