First of all I will say thanks to my friends and ofcourse the developer of Complete linux installer as it is now possible to run any compatible linux version on your android smartphone with easy way as we done.

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Pre-requirements to do this:

usb debuggin android

1)Your Android device must be ROOTED where you may void your warranty of device but if we see, we may get lots of good applications of rooting the android as it supports some other
applications which requires Super User permissions to work.

2)Install Busybox from play store and install as per shown in figure as it will be needed to run.

3)Your Device kernel should be of supporting Loop devices, for more info find it on

4)Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging option under Developer options.

5)You must have Sd card with storage of more than 4 GB

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Things you will need:

linux on android

1)Download and install “” from Play store
2)Download the image file on your pc or device of that particular linux flavour that you want to run, you may choose any of them from here.
[Note: This images are different than normal Desktop has]
3)Download and install app from Playstore
4)Download and install app from Playstore

Now, after following all above process and having things on your desk, Do following things step by step:

linux on android with root user

1)Connect your Device to your pc if you downloaded Image of linux on your pc.

2)Extract the .IMG file in SDcard”s Root i.e,: extSdCard/backtrack/backtrack.img

[Note:In my case it was backtrack, you may have to rename the
folder to that linux flavour as per mentioned in Complete
Linux Installer App]

3)Update boot scripts and also busybox from within Complete Linux Installer app.

4)Select the .IMG path through settings>>edit

Now you have setup your CUI or commandline-user interface for using linux, now you will need to setup AndroidVNC Viewer as

5)Fill the following settings in vncviewer as follows:

vnc on android

  • Nickname: linux name (in my case it was: backtrack)
  • password: backtrac (in your case it may be different as per
  • .IMG type)
  • Address: localhost
  • Port: 5900
  • Colour: 24-bit color

6)Now, Start your linux from “Complete Linux Installer” app with appropriate name of it.

7)It will load fine with giving # prompt i.e, Rootuser logged in as per shown in screenshot and now you may use that interface if you don”t want to use GUI.

8)And If you need to use GUI then Start VNCViewer and connect with the all settings specified in Step no.(5)

9)After few minutes, you may see fully functional linux distro on your android smartphone done in easy way.
This was short tutorial on how to run linux on your android smartphone. Those who are true geeks and have android smartphone must try this.

Enjoy your own linux distro on your smartphone anywhere anytime.


  1. hi pavan i m right now following your steps given to install linux on my phone i will contact to chk if it works fine if do it you will get likes and + and tweets. and my translation too for spanish people.


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