In our previous article, we explained how to root,flash recovery and do other things with your Moto G device with the help of MotoTool. With the simple GUI interface software, you may start rooting your phone.

Now, we know that there are 2 versions of Moto G available as:

  • Moto G Regular Edition (Motorola Customised OS)
  • Moto G Google Play Edition(GPE),

where both devices will get latest version of android upgrades guaranteed but there are some plus and minus features in google play edition device such as:

  • Running on Stock Unmodified Android
  • Uses Standard Stock Android Launcher
  • Full KitKat level dialer app
  • Doesn't have any of the Moto-specific features from the regular Moto G phone.
  • Uses the Stock Android Camera app instead of Moto's custom
  • Uses standard KitKat boot animation

So, if you want completely “pure” stock android os or want guaranteed upgrades of newer android versions then Moto G Google Play Edition might be best-fit for you. If you have Moto G regular edition phone and want to convert your phone to Google Play Edition then with MotoToolGPE, you may easily turn it into Google Play Edition.

Note: By doing this, you are voiding your device's warranty and you are yourself responsible for any damage done to your phone.

MotoToolGPE tool is made by “alonsoch” a XDA-Developer who made MotoTool. Also, as per developer said, this tool is tested on XT1032 GLOBAL and XT1033 DUAL SIM where only one sim works for now and it should work for others too.



  • Download the MotoToolGPE from Downloads section.
  • Extract from zip in a separate folder
  • Connect your phone to PC
  • Open the “MototoolGPE” and do the things as per your needs

MotoToolGPE Features/Options:

moto g gpe tool

  • Flash Stock Recovery:Flash the stock recovery (Android 4.4.2).
  • Flash CWM Recovery:Flash CWM recovery
  • Reboot Recovery:This will reboot your device into recovery
  • Reboot Fastboot: Will reboot the device to fastboot
  • Install drivers:This will install the drivers of the moto g(Remember to close the CMD window when installation is finished)
  • Push SuperSu 2SD:Push Supersu to your SD.
  • You Live In: If you living in USA then choose this option where it will flash compatible files to USA, if you have phone from outside then select outside USA option that will flash compatible signal files for the rest of the world.

Again in this tool, you will get option to root your Moto G as like we got in MotoTool.

Just follow these instructions to root your phone:

  • Push SupuerSu to SD
  • Flash custom recovery
  • Boot to recovery from fastboot(down scroll, up select)
  • Choose zip from sdcard
  • Choose
  • Flash it & Reboot
  • and you are done!!

Download MotoToolGPE:

You may download the MotoTool GPE v1.1 from here and also get the latest updates to the tool too. We would like if you go on main thread to Thanks developer as he is doing good contribution for Moto G community.

Let us know which version you prefer.



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