Google's Android OS is the best fit and most used operating systems in mobile/portable devices in Smartphones, tablets, smart watches and many more.  Here I am suggesting some easy methods with the help of you may install android apk on your android device. Although, Google provides its own Play store to download the apps directly on Android devices still due to some issues related to bandwidth, speed of network and any other reasons we seek for alternative ways for installing the apps right on our Smartphone.

I think many of you are already familiar with tricks like ADB installation, sideloading of apps i.e, simply grabbing an Android app's APK from PC and then transferring back it to device and proceeding with the installation.

In these all processes every method has their own advantages and drawbacks too, where I am going to explain a few simple and easy methods that you may implement with your own without any expertise help.

First of all, let me clear that, there may be other methods for installing an apk (Android Package) on your device that are not mentioned here so, you may suggest me any in the comments.

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1) Google's  Play Store:

google_play store

This is the most easy and known method to all the android device holders/users, but still many people prefer other apps like Aptoide or any other  for getting an app installed and also some newbie users  too are lots of confusion when they want to install an app.

Installing an app from Google Play Store is very easy as:

Open “Google Play Store” from the menu, Browse the different apps category or you may install a specific app by searching with the name of the app.

2) Google Play Web Version:


If you sign in your same Google account which is linked to your Android device, then you may try this method.

Just head on Google Play Store PC version here and sign in if you are not. After then it will show you the apps list with categories and also you may install a specific app on your phone by searching the name of that app and hitting “Install Now”. If you have more than 1 device registered on same ID then you will be needed to confirm on  which device you want to install that app.

The difference between this and previous method is that, suppose you are on a slow connection on your Smartphone leading ultimately the slow loading of apps lists, in this case you may use this method to check the apps and install them remotely from your PC where even if the connection is slow on your android device, apps will still get installed on device one by one.

3) Sideloading Of Apps With APK:


Basically Downloading Apps which are not available in the play store on your phone / PC & Then Installing them to your Phone is known as “Sideloading Of Apps”.  In general, this feature is disabled by default on every android device but you may simply turn it ON by doing these settings on your phone.

Please Note That:  This can be a security risk because it allows installation of apps from outside the Play Store which could be harmful to your phone.  If you are enabling this setting, then it’s your job to install applications responsibly. (We will simply say that: Stay away from pirated games /Full version APKs/ Modded APKs and other apps that may contain Android malware)

Go to Settings, Tap the Security category and enable the Unknown sources, check box also in the newer version of devices you may need to select Verify apps option in that same window.

Once you have finished by turning ON these settings, you may download any application's APK on your PC and transfer them via USB/Bluetooth or any other medium and install then straight away on your phone.

Tip: For downloading the app from play store on your PC, you may use “APK Downloader” from which provides you two ways, such as installing a chrome extension for downloading the apps or just go to APK Downloader and put the Package name or Google Play URL their to download your files.

This is the most used method by android themes, ROM developers and Custom ROM users because the downloading of app everytime from Google Play Store is not possible also it will eat your bandwidth in no time!

4) Using Third- Party App Store:


As mentioned in method 1st, there are many other app stores than Google Play Store available in the market which provides some more features or discounts in buying of paid apps. App stores, such as “Amazon's AppStore (currently only available in the US), ” “Humble Bundle For Android” and many others provide you their own app stores to be installed on your phone for installing many other apps.

Generally, these app stores consist of apps which are not available in the Google Play Store because the developer needed to pay one time $25 registration fee for a Google Play Developer Console account.

You may find new apps in these app stores as they are not available in Google's Play Store and you will get some extra benefits such as free app of the day or any discounts in such app stores.  Also, let me clear that you are totally responsible for using such third-party app stores and apps installed from these stores hence you should be more careful while opting for this method.

5) Using Windows-based PC Managers to Manage & Install New Apps on Your Device:


This is the most easiest and working way where you can install any android app from play store directly on your Smartphone/tablet.

There are different softwares available to install apps with this way such as:

Wondershare's Mobile Go, Air-Droid, My Phone Explorer and etc, but here I prefer Wondershare's mobile GO because of its simple GUI which makes even a noob installing an app on his device within few minutes.  For this, you needed to download and install any of the apps mentioned above from the web on your PC and also drivers of your device too. Once you have both the things ready, connect your phone/tablet to your PC running that software, it will install its android app on your device and  then finally tap on”Google Play Store” with signing in your google account to install apps from play store. From within the list and categories, you just needed to hit the “Install “Button and your app will get installed on your phone/tablet within few minutes(Depending Upon Your Connection Speed).

The advantage of this method over all other method is that: You are utilizing your PC bandwidth for surfing out  the play store and installing apps directly from Inside app Google Play Store and you are required to log into your google account to grab any app from that app store so that there can be a record of app installed.

6) Using APK Installer Software To Sideload Apps from Your PC:

apk installer android

Unlike transferring and installing apps one by one from your PC to your Android device you may opt for this method too. This method is much similar to method 3 but with this, you may batch install apks from the PC or SD card which makes your fingers less stressed!

APK Installer software is available as free to download (~3 MB)  and provides great comfortability and also perfect for those who have APK setups stored on their disks.
Just plug-in your device with USB and you are ready to install your set of apps.

7)Using ADB Shell For Installing Apps:

adb shell android apk

If you are a developer of android apps and you have the tools like Java JDK & Android SDK installed on your Windows PC then you can simply use the adb (Android debug bridge) commands to “push” an app's APK to a connected device, that will install it from your computer.

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The appropriate ADB command is as follows, where D:\APKNAME.apk is the path to the APK file on your computer:

 adb install D:\APKNAME.apk

This is the most simple way of installing apps for Developer only 😛 As they have Java and Android SDK installed for testing their android apps, you may also try this method for installing apps directly from Command prompt but you will be needed some general information on coding though.


Even though there are many ways to install apps on your devices, you may use any way depending upon different conditions. If you are addicted to trying new apps from different web stores, then you may download apps from third party app stores, if you are custom ROM user and you are seeking for a simple way to install all your apps, then you may use batch apk installers mentioned above and if you are newbie in the android world and don't want to have stress for installing apps then you may use Google Play Store.

Let us know which method you prefer and why you prefer it.


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