We all know Storage and Processing needs Memory i.e, Hard Disk and RAM but what if I say you may save your Hard Disk Space for different other purposes and use Another's Hard Disk Space for your thingy for free! Yes this is possible with Cloud Storage where cloud means Online Server-based Database / Storage. You need a good Internet Connection and valid Login Id and Password to access your files anywhere at any place in the world.

Cloud Storage Services made Storage simple and Vast in Nature as we can Store and access our files from anywhere with any Smart hand-held Gadget. Currently,There are many Cloud Storage Available with Initially Free Space / Trial Packages and then later on you may switch over Paid Packages that includes Security of your files and long listing them.

Here are some Examples that are mostly used now-a-days:


dropbox integration

Dropbox is most used Cloud Storage Service by Mobile and PC users now-a-days.

Dropbox Gives 2GB at startup and Gives additional 500MB of Space per referral upto 18GB. The GUI with Easierness of Dropbox is much better than any other Avail services.

We can use DropBox on Smartphones | tablets | PCs too. After the Space is over,You may opt for PRO and Business Packages.

Dropbox a great cloud storage service,even if you use it your files or just sync with the desktop clients, or you have another favorite app that uses Dropbox to keep your files synced across devices. A vast third-party developer community taking advantage of Dropbox open APIs to build applications on top of it make Dropbox a great cloud storage service.

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skydrive cloud

We all know that Microsoft's Windows Operating System is Widely used worldwide and now Microsoft have their Own Cloud Storage Service which is Tightly integrated with Windows OS including Phones and Other Devices too.

SkyDrive has mobile apps for Windows Phone | iOS | Android too, So your files are always with you wherever you go. If you signed up today, you may get 7GB of storage(Normal),  10GB if you are a student and even if you need more space you may opt at Extra Cost.

Like DropBox, Skydrive also supports third-party app ecosystem and open APIs, and a number of tools that you need.

3)Google Drive:

google gdrive

Every Net user knows What Google is and What are the Services Provided by Google. From Android Powered Smartphone to Google Glass Projects, Google is on Top-most Position than any other!

Google Drive consists of Documents,Spreadsheets,etc + Editing them too.

With Sign-Up You get 15GB of Space that is basically enough to do things but even if you want you may get by spending some extra money.

Google Drive has Mobile apps including all major Operating System to access stored files on the way.

Google Drive is best who are most likely using Google than any other E-mail provider or any other Services from Different Operating Systems and Devices provided.



With Evolution of Many Cloud Storage Services, MediaFire too standing in Front Row with Great Package of 50GB on each Sign-up. You will get access to your files anywhere on any device. Mediafire Introduced many good Features such as:

  • Document Editing
  • Virtual Data Room
  • FileDrop
  • Files Security With Passwords and Viewing options including Public and Private
  • Now you have the Freedom to Customize the Logo Too like you are running your own Cloud Storage Services!

You Get Detailed Statistics with Mediafire Statistics tools and Stay Updated about Downloads.

5)Bitcasa Infinite Drive Space:

bitcasa cloud

May be many of us knowing about Bitcasa but Some of Are Still unaware of this Cloud Storage as Many of us are using Dropbox and Google Drive. Bitcasa has syncing clients made for All PC based OS and Mobile Apps too.

As we mentioned Bitcasa- Infinite Drive where Bitcasa giving free for 10GB, but if you are willing to pay, you can get infinite storage for $99/yr means upload anything there and you may access your files anywhere with different portable mobile apps.

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Mega Cloud Storage Service is not New but It's Different From all other Cloud Services as they having new GUI and Encrypted Downloading/Uploading of Files.

Mega is most Secured plateform for Exchanging Files over the Net. Mega has open API Supports to Different Third-Party App Developer.

Mega Cloud Service supports Resume Support for Files and gives 50GB as like Mediafire for your Personal Usage and even if you need more space you may get it through PRO Account simply.


box cloud

Box is new but Developing fast with their Flexible Services and Easy to use GUI. Many Third-Party App Developers from Different Plateforms are opting for Box Cloud Storage Integration in their Apps as New Offers Attracting Developers to use their services.

Box.com Cloud Services have different plans based on Usage and Activity type like For Personal | For Business | For Enterprise IT levels. If you are new to box and want to try it then you may get Personal Plan that includes 5GB of free space with 250 MB max capacity for Uploading files.

Box Lets you share all your files online with Different Plateforms anywhere in the world.

Final Words:

As We have mentioned many of Cloud Storage services also includes some Other Services like Amazon Drive | Apple iCloud and many others but they are not used by normal users like we use above services mainly DropBox and Others Cloud Services.

Each Cloud Storage service is good and have their own Features with some limitations too. It all depends on you how you will use the Cloud Storage.

As per Our Survey and Info, DropBox is mainly used and all other services like Mega and Mediafire are used for making mirrors or uploading Big files with Resumable Link generation.


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