2017 was rich in new gaming releases, just recall Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Resident Evil 7 and Sniper Elite 4. Of course, some of the games had got quite controversial feedback's; for instance many fans of Mass Effect sequel state that the new Mass Effect: Andromeda has a very primitive plot. Thus, the games coming out in 2018 are very long-awaited and are supposed to become real hits. Let us move forward to the top upcoming games that will be available on PC in 2018.

  1. Far Cry 5


Ready for a new Far Cry 5? This product is amidst the best new games in many online  charts and fans all over the world are desperately looking forward to placing pre-orders on this hit. This time Ubisoft will bring you to rural Montana, where you will have to fight with a local death cult. It is stated that you may find here your beloved detailed maps, nature and various supplies. As always, it is up to you which strategy to use, to kill everybody on your way or to stealth like a pro. Thus, be ready for a new risky adventure in the upcoming year.

  1. Tropico 6


El Presidente, a new world of Tropico 6 will open its doors to you in 2018. If you are a strategy-addicted dictator who is not afraid of ruling the whole island yourself after playing all the previous five sequels, then Tropico 6 will not disappoint you as well. As a governor of the country, you will have to develop your banana island from the agricultural to industrial one by selecting your own strategy for prosperity and fighting with local rebels who want to bring down your regime. A kind president or harsh dictator, it is up to you whom to become in this video world. Thus, entrust your homework to reliable assignment writers and be ready to dive into a colorful island life!

  1. Metro: Exodus


The creating of this application was inspired by the famous book of Dmitry Glukhovsky called Metro 2035. Moreover, Ukrainian developers from 4A Games has transformed this idea into reality. The settings of this game will bring you to post-apocalyptic Moscow full of grief and despair. Do you want to transform into a survivor who fights with monsters on his way? Then this horror video software is exactly what you are looking for. Its plot is linear, but there are several open spaces that can be discovered by a player thoroughly. What is more, your weapon arsenal can be updated through the whole process of playing. This product rightly took the top place in many upcoming games waitlists.

  1. Anthem


Are you a huge fan of Dragon Age and Mass Effect? Than this RPG action product, created by BioWare, which is stated to be a combination of both, must be your next purchase in 2018. Supporting multi-player mode, Anthem gives you a wide range of superhuman capabilities. You are a “freelancer” who is exploring an unknown world and fighting against monsters and aliens wearing a Javelin exosuit that gives you different superpowers. Sounds intriguing? Do not miss to play it soon.

  1. God of War


If you are waiting for an upcoming release of the new God of War adventure sequel since the last one was launched in 2013, then next year you will be a really lucky person. As you know, this sequel is based on developers’ own interpretation of Ancient Greek mythology. Your old friend Kratos, who has defied gods, will return with his son Atreus; and you will be a witness of their dynamic relationship during the whole game. Fighting with beasts and teaching Atreus how to live in this brutal world may bring you much pleasure while playing this God of War.

2018 will be full of anticipated best gaming sequels releases as well as introduce new interesting products. The games which are coming out in the upcoming year are definitely worth playing, thus if you are a real player, do not miss the opportunity to be the first to try them. I hope that my list of top five new releases to play in 2018 will help you to make your mind in choosing from such an abundances of new launches.

Which game you are interested in? Let us know in comments.


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