Top 5 Smart Screen Off(Proximity Sensor) Android Apps

Today we are sharing not different but Usable and Amazing Collection of Proximity Based Screen Locking Apps. Now-a-days Android Phones are categorised in Smartphones having Proximity and Other Sensors.

In The Previous Days, Samsung Galaxy S4 Released with Some Great Features such as Touchless Control, Smart Cover which Locks/Unlocks Screen as We Open or Close the Flip!
Here are some Available Apps in PlayStore which can be used to get that Feature in our Normal Flip Cover Based Smartphones too.

Smart Screen Off Apps Discussed Here are mixed versions of Paid and Free:

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1)Flip Case Control:


As We discussed by Closing the Flip Cover will turn off screen and ON when Flip is Opened. This app works best on Samsung Devices.
If your case is black or dark on the inside, the sensor may not read correctly when the case is closed. To fix this, put a piece of light colored tape on the inside of the case where it lines up with the sensor (located next to the front camera)

Average Rating: 3.1


This app is As Smart as its said, It locks the screen based on Proximity | Shake | Flipping Down Device.
This app consists of Many Of Features with Customizable Options.
You may adjust the sensitivity as you need for shaking. Screen off by Different Panels like Widgets,Notification,etc.

Average Rating: 3.6


This is next Great and Simple in GUI app as it works by Closing cover and thereby Device automatically goes to sleep. Open cover to wake up it.
Note:How to uninstall app-
Go to Setting -> Security -> Device administrators -> Uncheck the smart cover -> Try uninstall app

Average Rating: 4.0

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proximity screenoff


This is Advance Version than Any Other Proximity Based Screen Locking app as It comes with Some Extra options like Locking with Swipe Gestures on Proximity Sensor.
You May turn on Pocket/Flip or Smart Cover Mode that Turns screen OFF when sensor covered and ON when uncovered.
Other Ways to Turn Screen On/Off with following gestures:
1) Swipe Once,
2) Swipe Twice,
3) Swipe and Hold,
4) Hold and Swipe and
5) Cover and Hold
Consists of Battery Saving Option Too!
To enable lock screen- Use option “Locks phone on screenOn” under “All settings”

Average Rating: 4.2


There are many apps we discussed above and Works great but some applic
ations have some Bugs as per user Reviews.
Here is The Next Smart App to Turn Off Your Screen by Flipping Off Your Device Flip Cover.
This app consists of Landscape Mode: When Landscape Mode is running,Sensor pause (Available in Only Pro Version)

Average Rating: 4.4

Final Words:

These all apps works great on Android with Flip-Cover and Works Great as Like Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Cover excluding that Front End Display on Flip Cover. All apps having Services option that can be used to execute automatically when the phone restarts.

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