I think many of us may be knowing about Google Glass Project and if you don't know then Still no problem as We will tell you in short what it is. Simply, Google Glass is the Next Level of Computing that contain a hidden computer which can take pictures, shoot videos, navigate while on the move, surf the web, and many more things you can do by just simple Voice Commands as like you watched them in Action Movies like Mission Impossible or any other.

Even though Google started this Heads-up Display Eyewear Gadgets first but other company's too are working best to deliver better gadget with less price tag. The Google Glass is not publicly available now and it is said to be that it will be of $1,500 price tag. Hence, We are sharing some of the better options or alternatives to Google Glass if you want to try it!

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GlassUp's Eyewear Gadget have plenty of features including: report the incoming e-mails, text messages, tweets, Facebook updates, and other message. For The perfect working, you may pair it with your Android or iOS Smartphone Too. As it runs on Android OS with Different Sensors that we have on our Smartphone with Seemless Bluetooth Connectivity. You may Recharge it as it ends at the day via Micro-USB Port.

(But Unfortunately One GlassUp(Basic) don't feature a Camera as Like Google Glass Has but may be avail in upcoming version)

GlassUp Currently Working their Best to produce a Better one with Different Options like With Camera and with Prescription Glass too. It is said to be that it will be sold about $399 Price Tag.

2)Telepathy One:

telepathy one

As Like Google glass and Other Eyewear Gadgets, Telepathy one is different from them in Style and Sleek+Futuristic Design. It does the same job of taking video alongwith Pics and send directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Telepathy Features the Virtual 5-inch Display that superimposes video and computer images directly in front of your face!

Currently, There is no release date has been announced nor its price too.

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3)Vergence Labs Epiphany Eyewear:

epiphone eyewear

Vergence Labs developed a great Eyewear Computer that looks simple and stylish shades but having Hidden Computing Device behind Glass! This Fashionable glasses are capable of snapping and capturing 720p with 10 Cores And available in 3 Different Storage as : 8GB/16GB/32GB

As Glass Supports USB Charging, Just Plug your glasses into your laptop, desktop and it will charge the glasses at faster than real time.

If we talk about pricing than it is available in 3 Different Storage Facility as:

  • 8GB=$299
  • 16GB=$399
  • 32GB=$499

4)Recon Jet

recon Jet

Recon Jet is the Ultimate in its Style and built for People that live an Active lifestyle. The Glasses looks sporty having Polarized lenses and light in weight. Recon Jet runs on Android 4.2 OS, Dual-Core Processor with HD Camera. Recon Jet have Different Combinations of Sensors with many Wireless Connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wifi , GPS Navigation.

Orders currently being accepted for shipment to Europe, North America, Japan,Australia and New Zealand.

Recon Jet Eyewear Costs : $599 which is much cheaper than Google Glass.

The above Eyewear Gadgets/devices mostly running on Android Operating System with Different Hardware Specs and Mobile Sensors. The Apps availability is different as per the Device hardware Support.

Finally, We will say that this Future Computing Devices will shock the Computer/I.T World and may be many of us may try to get hands on soon like many people waiting for Next iOS Device or any other Latest Trendy Gadget/Device. Even though, this Gadgets giving more Portability and More Advanced Features but as of Other side, it may have some Disadvantages too like Vision and Hearing Problem due to Continuous Wearing!

What you think about this? What will be the Disadvantages of this according to you ?

[Images and Links Courtesy: From Different Above Mentioned Eyewear Devices Providers]


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