Technology has certainly come a long way. It seems hard to imagine not having a touch screen or not being able to snap a photo using your smart phone. Nowadays, smart phone users are even capable of downloading intriguing games and playing them on-the-go. Whether you’re trying to find something fun to do on your usual route or need a break from the fast-pace of life, these top 10 most played iOS games available on iOS Apple Store are sure to keep you occupied. We have listed Top 10 most played games by an average new and old users too who are using iOS Device.

1.  Candy Crush Saga

cany crush saga ios

Candy Crush Saga is obviously the most popular game out of the top 10 games available on the iOS Apple Store which is also available on Android Play Store too. They say if you’re craving a sweet tooth, try Candy Crush. But just like every other sugary delight, it’s addicting as ever. There are over 300 levels to play and users enjoy bursting through tasty treats while solving difficult puzzles. The ‘sweetest game ever’ will require a lot of brain power and probably take up a lot of your spare time, but luckily it is completely free. Connect with your Facebook and challenge your friends and family to see who gets the farthest.

2.  Temple Run

temple run ios

While it might look like a ‘basic’ game, Temple Run is anything but the sort. Temple Run is a fun adventure where you need to find your way out of mind-boggling mazes and dodge booby traps along the way. If you think you have what it takes to get out of the situation alive, give Temple Run a try. It’s free to use and you’ll love every second of this treasure hunting game.

There are other versions of temple run like Temple run 2 or any other moded versions but this version is most played by user as per data.

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3.  Words With Friends

wordswithfriends ios

Ever since ‘Words With Friends’ hit the public, it seemed to become an instant hit. Players enjoy spending hours challenging their friends and family members to this enticing Scrabble-like game. It’s free to play and you can connect it to your Facebook to challenge people you know, or be instantly matched up to random players across the nation. Simple and challenging game keeps you engaged with words.

4.Angry Birds (Free)

angry birds ios

You’ve surely heard of the game Angry Birds. This funny, yet exciting game enables players to destroy the horrible green pigs who so rudely took the birds’ eggs. The free version of Angry Birds comes with 30 enticing levels with 10 mini episodes to enjoy. Like Temple run, Angry birds too have lots of different versions which are played by users now-a-days, while this version is still popular among new users.

5.Fruit Ninja (Free)

fruit ninja ios

Bring out your inner ninja with the popular game Fruit Ninja. In this delicious application, users are able to slice through a variety of fruits simply by swiping the screen. The free version allows players to unlock different blades and backgrounds and the full version has even more awesome extras to turn you into a true fruit-battling warrior.

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6:  4 Pics 1 Song

4 pics 1 song ios

Music lovers who think they know everything about the industry should try their hand at 4 Pics 1 Song. This cool application gives you only four pictures. Guess the song correctly and move on to the next round. Test your music knowledge and get lost in the gameplay.

7. Bejeweled Blitz


Sixty second of action-packed gaming where users can demolish and detonate gems by a single swift of a finger: that’s what Bejeweled Blitz is all about. The more you play, the harder it gets. Connect with Facebook to challenge everyone you know and show off your detonating abilities.

8.Minecraft (Free)

mine craft ios

The world is your oyster when using Minecraft. Bring your creative skills to life in this miraculous game where blocks are your inventory and creativity is limitless. Design block masterpieces no matter where you go and show your friends and family your amazing masterpieces.

9.Plants Vs. Zombies 2

plants vs zombies 2 ios

Who knew a plant could destroy impending doom of the human race from zombies? With Plants Vs. Zombies 2, users can kill an army of killer zombies by way of plants. Grow your plants big and strong and protect your brain from the evil leeches coming your way. It’s an action-packed game available on the iOS Apple Store and it’s completely free to use.

10.CSR Racing

csr racing

Gear up and get ready to take your dream car out onto the raceway. With CSR Racing you can test your skills against players abroad, challenging them in drift or racing matches alongside deserted streets. Enjoy high quality graphics and a heavily addictive gameplay where you become the racer you’ve always dreamed you’d be.

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Final Words:

May be you know other better games with these collection but this collection is first choice among new iOS users.

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