Top 10 Electronics Projects for School Students


For students project may be headache, as it includes lots of hard work and creative ideas which for a student may be difficult at beginning. Especially science and electronic projects are really very tough as you need to play with the circuits and create a new thing. Not only projects, as nowadays every school is taking part in hosting science fair, student really to be active in electronic projects. Here we have bought you the best electronic projects for school students. The projects that are mentioned here are very unique and are easy too, so that every school student can easily use the idea on their project or while representing in the science fair.

The projects here are like better security features for your house, electricity without generator, doorbell function and much more. So these are all, you can use these projects for every standard kids in school. So without wasting anytime let’s have a look at the best projects for school students that you can use in both school and science fair.

Best electronics projects for school kids:

  1. Doorbell function and making it musical: This is the simplest project that you can do for your school project. Here you will only need to do some simple circuit design and connect all with the UM66 which will produce the melodious music. Here in this project the main work is of the UM66 as this is the element which will produce melodic music when the doorbell is pressed and electric current is passed through the circuit. So this is the simplest project for you which you can represent in school, but make sure that this project is only for kids under fifth standard.
  2. Security alarm of home: This is one of the interesting science projects and this is meant to be the high school science project. As everything used in this electronic project are on another level. You can make this project using all the cheap electronic material from the market. The only important thing used in this project is the invisible laser beam which detects the unknown sources and the alarm starts. You can use it on your home for getting rid of thieve and other stuffs. So this project is massive and this is the best one for high school science project or science fair and the best part is that it is very useful in practical life too.
  3. Circuit of emergency light at home: Yes, no doubt that LED bulbs consume less power and is very long lasting. But the main problem occurs when the powers shut down and there is no light at home. So in this project you are going to show how you can manage emergency lights on your house by using the power of sunlight or other natural resources. The science project is simple but it is also impressive at the same time, as it related to the practical daily life schedule.
  4. Making Daylight at home: Daylight is very important for both office and home and this is the first step for saving electricity. In this project you show how to use sun light as bulb light at day time. Here there is no much work of circuit but only some few modifications in the roof top. Simple place aluminium foil canal in the top and place a glass plate on top, now connect the aluminium foil canal in the light which means the sunlight will glow in the bulb in the day light. This is also one of the simplest science projects which you can make for representing your school in any science competition. And the best part is that you will also spend less in this project, as there is not much material required in this project.
  5. Lamp controlled by lamp: This is again a school electronic project for kids under fifth standard. The project is simple but is little complicated for kids as you will need to attach a IR receiver in the lamp and one in the remote control. Once the IR receiver receives wave from remote you can control the lamp light from the remote itself. So you can simply ON or OFF the lamp light from the remote itself.
  6. High Voltage Cut Of School Project: Most of us are familiar with the problems of voltage variation. It is a big issue in every house and due to few reasons the voltage power supply may reach between 110v to 230 v and more. Running this high voltage of power supply may lead to direct damage into you house electric circuits. And we have come up with the diy electronic projects to get safety and protect from the over power of voltage consumption. It is a science project that is especially for the students of the middle school. The most important part of the high voltage cut off circuit is the Zener diode voltage regulator.
  7. Water Overflow Indicator for Water Tanks: Water Tanks is one of the simplest electronics projects which are made available for the school students. It basically creates a “beep sound” at the moment when the water tank is filled up with water. This problem mainly helps to avoid the chance of over flow of water. One can simply get this school project straight to their house in a very less price that is $0.5. Water Overflow indicator will ignore the high chances of the wastage of water. Especially on the case when someone forgot to “Switch OFF” the power of the motor pump.
  8. Water Low & High Level Detector Circuit: Water Low & High Level Detector Circuit is an extra project created for the high students. The objective of this project is to detect water level inside a water tank or any other water storage. This project is quite different from the rest of the project as compared from the list. It has the ability to figure out the absence or the presence of water into the tank. This project for the school is build using the BC548 transistors and a 7432 OR gate IC. If the level of the water goes up beyond its storage limit level then the circuit will create a “beep noise”.
  9. LED Blinking Circuit: LED Blinking Circuit is a unique and simple circuit project for the school students. Into the project of the simple “LED Blinking Circuit” the 555 IC provide blinking effects to the LEDs and the “Astable Multivibrator” will create the continuous amount of pulses. The frequency is brought under the control by making the changes into the values of R1 or R2 and C1 as well. This project is very simple and is meant only for the school students.
  10. Water Empty Alarm project: Water Empty Alarm project allows you to learn the quantity of water present inside the water tank. It will also help you to know whether to turn on the water pump set or not. You can use the water empty alarm as a project in school. It is very easy to build and simple by using some transistors. And this project is also known as the low water level alarm project.

So these are the best electronic school project for kids, all of these projects are simple and is not that costly. You can represent these electronic projects on any science fair or at any of your school science project. All of these projects are very simple and is also very easy to make, so this is all if you are having any doubts then you can comment down relating any project topic you want to know.

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