Resume and Curriculum Vitae (CV) is necessary whenever a company recruit a campus or hire any employee. This Resume should be Fulfilled with necessary and all the info about your previous work too. While creating a Good Resume If you add infographics that will improve your CV or Resume”s Quality.

Making Resume or CV will go difficult if you are newbie or Just passed your college and for making a Professionally looking resume you need some reference or help,so here I telling you Best 10 Websites that will help you to make your Resume Professionally Looking and thats for Free!

I have included some Infographics Resume Creators and Some of Text Based Only.
Let us take look at all of these web resources:


resume-io-featured image is a best online self-service resume builder available in the market today. Job seekers like you can make a professional resume in a matter of minutes. You can use field tested resume templates to produce the kind of resume that employers look for.



In the word of Site you may have got concept what it will be. With the help of Visualize.ME you may create great Infographic Resume and If you have Linkedin profile simply login with that account and it will build your Resume within few minutes. You may edit your profile, Work experience and all the things!



ResumeUP is another great website to make Resume with Infographic. This site also can be connected with Facebook or LinkedIn Profile to Grab Your Data that is needed to Create Infographics as well as You may opt for text version too. You can download it as PDF and Share with Your Friends on FB too.
This is Simple Service but Really useful!


In the infographics Resume Creator, Re.Vu is Another popular infographics powered resume creator. As Like above Sites we mentioned this site also supports Connect with Linkedin Profile login.
The Resume Created is in the Form Of Infographic that improves design and looks Impressive one.
Here also there are all options like edit your basic profile, Social Profile and All the History within few minutes.



Kinzaa beta is Another Infographic Resume Builder supporting Facebook and Linkedin that builds your resume within few minutes just your info should be right!

Many options are familiar like above we mentioned edit basic profile, Social Profiles, etc.
The main Feature of Kinzaa is if you want to show up your Capability, Decision Making speed and work environement where you may work better can be shown separately.

6)Visual CV

visual cv

Like and Kinzaa like Web Service, Visual CV lets you make Infographic powered Resume or CV For Free Within Few Minutes. Making a Impressive and Professional Looking CV is not Big deal as we have many tools/websites over the internet.
Visual CV lets you create resume like other Web Services but with Some Extra Features such as Images, Videos and Graphs for Online Interviews and Many More!

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7)CV Maker


Upto 5th point we got info about how to make CV or Resume with infographics, now We will see how to make Professional and text version Of Resume.
CV maker is top in the list of Online Resume builders. Here also you may generate your CV by connecting with Facebook or Linkedin simply. Just Connect and within few minutes your CV will be ready to Print!

online cv

Like CV Maker, Online CV Generator is another Powerful CV Builder.
This site helps you step-by-step to make your CV or Resume in simple Ways though.
Like other CV maker sites, You don”t need a Account there and you still may generate or build your CV online and Save or Print it easily.


job spice

In The Name of JobSpice, We got idea how it will work! This is another Great Website to make Professional one Resume creator. Job Spice has been Featured in many Sites that includes NBC, VentureBeat, Mashable etc.
Linkedin Connect is ready to make your Resume within few minutes.


ceevee cvmkaer

In the above List, Ceevee is another Great Website to make CV or Resume. It gives options like Employee or Candidate to make Professional and Good looking, Impressive Resume within Few minutes!
Fill out All the Info correctly for better Cv building featuring Section adding and Different Themes as Available there.
Print or Save as PDF, As you Finalise it!


connect cv maker

Yet another Powerful and impressive CV creator here named ConnectCV. ConnectCV provides sample CV and Different Features like adding Graphs, Images, Tables, Research Papers and many more. You may change All the info From Basic Profile to All Your Data about previous Job and many more!

Update: We have updated the list and added following new CV/Resume creators for your help, please have a look and let us know your thoughts 😀

11)Zety (Formerly UptoWork)


The Zety – formerly Uptowork online resume builder will let you create a job-winning resume in 5 minutes. You get dozens of templates and hundred of color schemes to choose from. Plus, the built-in tips and expert advice will help you write the perfect resume. There's more! The Zety – formerly Uptowork resume creator will tell you when the recruiter downloads you resume, so you know exactly what the status of your application is.

Now, With Above 11 Top Tools/ Websites you may Build your CV or Resume looking professional one with Impressive Looks too!

Which CV you prefer, With Infographics or Just Text ?


  1. dude- you need someone to properly translate this for you into English. It’s very hard to read. Great resources, though.

  2. Best Website to Create Free Resume with Infographics is In resume ,your all qualities should reflect. You can make your resume more interactive and informative using Classmint has image,text and audio annotation. You can highlight any text or any phrase in your image to explain it more.To know more how can you use classmint to make your resume more interactive and engaging,checkout


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