You may have heard of the World War, the Indian War of Independence, and countless other wars while learning history. However, have you heard of the telecom war? Wait, don’t start flipping the pages of your old history textbook as this is a new phenomenon. This war started between the telecom giants of India. Read on to know more.

Jio’s strategies


Reliance Jio launched its commercial services in September 2016. It was the first to offer 4G network in India. It began operations with the following offers which gave free 4G data, unlimited voice calls, and SMS.

  • Jio Welcome offer
  • Jio Happy New Year offer

The offers where subscribers had to pay a nominal amount include:

  • Jio Summer Surprise offer (INR 303)
  • Jio Prime membership (INR 99)
  • Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer (INR 309 for 1GB 4G data per day)

These offers helped it acquire over a 100 million users within the first six months of its launch.

Response by other telecom operators

The impact Jio had created did not go unnoticed by other telecom operators. Many operators slashed tariffs to retain customers, this at a time when most of the industry was reeling under a debt of INR 35,000 crore. It shook the market.

The fact that voice calls were free on Jio’s VoLTE network also affected rivals’ talktime revenue margins with many reporting a decrease in profits. Some telecom operators also started offering VoLTE and 4G services to keep up with this demand. Many have even considered mergers to deal with the rising costs and slowing of profit.

Comparison between the best plans of the top four operators

Here are the top 4G plans of the best telecom operators in the country (as of October 2017).

Price (in INR)BenefitPrice (in INR)BenefitPrice (in INR)BenefitPrice (in INR)Benefit
725p per minute STD calls. Valid for one day.950MB 4G/2G data. Valid for one day.19150MB 4G data. Unlimited calls and 100 SMS valid for one day.950MB 4G/3G data. Valid for one day.
145Unlimited Local and STD Airtel calls + 2GB data on 4G SIM and handset and 1GB for others. Valid for 28 days.19Unlimited 4G/2G data. Valid for two hours.1494.2GB with a daily limit of 0.15GB 4G data. Unlimited calls and 300 SMS valid for 28 days.147575MB 4G/3G + 449MB 4G data. Valid for 28 days.
349Unlimited calls and 28GB with a daily limit of 1GB 3G/4G data. Valid for 28 days.991GB 4G/2G data + 1GB 4G data. Valid for 14 days.39970GB with a daily limit of 1GB 4G data. Unlimited calls and SMS. Valid for 70 days.34928GB with a daily limit of 1GB 4G data. Unlimited calls and SMS. Valid for 28 days.
549Unlimited calls and 56GB with a daily limit of 2GB 3G/4G data. Valid for 28 days.3993GB + Extra 3GB. Valid for 28 days.50998GB with a daily limit of 2GB 4G data. Unlimited calls and SMS. Valid for 49 days.502500MB 4G data + 500 minutes talktime + 500 SMS. Valid for 30 days.

As seen above, most of the plans are almost at par with each other. If there has been anyone who has benefited from this war, it is most likely the common public who are now able to easily afford high-speed data at a cheaper price.


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