About eight million people are living in New York City. It is the business and cultural capital of the United States, which is brimming with diverse neighborhoods such as Italy district and Chinatown. With this, there are over 800 languages spoken in the city. So, it is not a surprise that plenty of people hold large gatherings here from corporate events to concerts, to weddings and trade shows.


Quality AV rentals NYC are the best way to get quick equipment for a reasonable price, and it becomes the crux for any event that you’re planning. Whether large or small, your event should be able to communicate successfully to the attendees by utilizing high audio-video technology.

Create a list of everything you need

When organizing an event, your goal is to engage guests to participate, to make an impact, and provide benefits to the attendees. Thus, determine the dimensions of the area you are going to use. You need to know how many people are coming so you can map the room accordingly. Knowing this can help you decide how big and many screens you need. Do you need rear screens to add for that optimal viewing?

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New York City has a competitive market, so it is a must to use the right technology as part of the creative approach. AV equipment has a huge role in making your event a success. Give specific details as the AV package will depend on your event. For example, a corporate conference typically needs wireless microphones, speakers, and projectors, while a concert usually needs screens, DJ equipment, and audio packages.

Set up your budget and inform the New York AV rental company

Inform the rental company about your budget ahead of time. There is no need to withhold this piece of information from them. If they know your budget, they can create your vision and meet your needs according to your budget. They can give realistic advice that will work best for you. Doing this saves you both time and money, as they will not give you a quote beyond your budget. Stating your budget upfront also prevents starting the entire process of quoting again.

Know the agreement and your responsibility

Read the documents carefully and understand your obligations before sealing the deal. Will someone get the equipment and return it to the rental company after the event, or will you be the one returning them? Take into account if the AV rentals in NYC come with an operator. If there is, do you need to pay a separate fee for them? Who will be responsible for any missing parts, damaged goods, malfunctioning equipment, etc.?

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Moreover, find out about insurance and bonding. You will want to know if any damages or accidents related to the equipment get covered by the insurance of the rental company. Bonding can protect you in case one of the staff does some damages or steals from the area. Therefore, you must know everything involved when renting AV equipment.

Your event will have a high chance of success if you choose the right AV rental company. Give as much necessary information to the service provider as possible. It helps ensure there will be no surprises down the road. Further, it makes the process of budgeting easy for you and quoting easy for them, as it clears out any unanswered questions.


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