Gaming has gained a lot of attention today all over the world, hence the manufacture of gaming chairs. Although gaming chairs improve the overall experience of gaming by increasing comfort and support throughout the gaming period, they can be costly to acquire, with some gaming chairs going up to as high as $1400.


With the rate at which gaming is gaining prevalence, it is important for gamers to consider acquiring a gaming chair, not just for comfort, but also for health benefits.

Even with the comically high prices of gaming chairs, there are some seats you could procure when on a budget to still befit your needs, and here are 7 of the best you can buy:

Cohesion XP 2.1

The Cohesion XP 2.1 is a light-weight gaming chair that folds, which makes it easy for storage. Other than that, it has built-in technologies and is very compatible with many gaming systems, even connecting to sound sources from outside using an auxiliary input jack.

If you are seeking after aesthetic design, this gaming chair is for you as it has a sleek design with heat-pressed polyester fabric. Considering the convenience in storage and these features, the price for the Cohesion XP 2.1 gaming chair is quite affordable.

X-Rocker Extreme III

The X-Rocker Extreme III gaming chair is one to give you the full cinematic experience when gaming. It is made for comfort in the way it has a foam backed polyester sitting surface. The seat also has a durable mesh designed for the specific role of rocking you gently. The X-Rocker Extreme III gaming chair guarantees you neck and back support from its ergonomic design in the shape of the backrest and sitting surface.

This chair has built-in speakers to give you an ample sound experience but is unique for its rocking chair style. Besides, you can watch movies, listen to music or read a book from this chair, and get it for under $100.

V-Rocker 5130301 SE

The V-Rocker 5130301 SE gaming chair is one to give you the ultimate gaming experience with quality sound and a weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. The V-Rocker has a built-in sound system that includes two speakers and a subwoofer. With this gaming chair, you can block out any external interruptions by plugging in headphones on the seat's audio jack.

Quality foam is used to make the V-Rocker 5130301 SE gaming chair, making it comfortable for supporting your back. Further, the chair is foldable for convenience in storage.

Ace Bayou Video Rocker

Ace Bayou Video Rocker is relatively cheap a gaming chair targeted for its flexibility. The Ace Bayou Video Rocker gaming chair has an ergonomic design that provides adequate support for your body through long hours of gaming. The solid hardwood frame is made of fire retardant foam cushions and a vinyl cover that is easy to clean.

Although it does not have an armrest provision, it is comfortable in the way it lets you rock back and forth for a more relaxed posture. Still, you can use this seat to watch movies or read books.

Merax High Back Gaming Chair

The Merax High Back chair ranges between $100 – $120 with a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. more to it, the hair has an ergonomic body-hugging backrest design for adequate body support, specifically to your neck, back and shoulders. The chair comes with additional cushions for lumbar and head support.

This seat has a recline angle from 90 -180 degrees and is covered by leather fabric making cleaning much stress-free. For motion purposes, the Merax High Back chair comes with swivel casters for easy adjustability.

Furmax Office Chair PU Leather Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is covered with PU Leather that makes it considerably easy to clean, especially since leather does not soak up sweat and oils. The Furmax model has a weight capacity of 280 pounds with an ergonomic design, that is, high-back soft leather and a bucket-seat configuration. Further, it has padding on the armrests, and the chair has a rocking back and forth capacity, all of which improves its comfort.

Besides, the Furmax gaming chair has swiveling wheels for smooth maneuvering and adjustable height to befit both tall and short people.

Giantex Executive Racing Style Chair

The Giantex executive chair is a double duty seat that you can use for working and gaming. The chair is made of faux PU leather material, combined with mesh fabric and nylon. In fact, from its layout, this gaming chair is eye-catching and appealing. It has an ergonomic design like most of all the chairs mentioned here, not to say cushy, all for maximum back support.

Even with mesh fabric, the Giantex executive chair has thicker paddings than other mesh chairs, with padding on the armrest too. This model can support a maximum weight capacity of 264 lbs. Enjoy a 360-degree swivel motion, balance and support due to the five casters.

There is so much you can do to boost your gaming experience, and getting an appropriate gaming chair to suit you as matters to comfort, height, aesthetic appeal, weight capacity and other needs is the number one solution. With all these options that can befit your budget needs, grab a gaming chair and take your gaming experience to the next level. For more on gaming chair alternatives to choose from, check out


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