The United Kingdom is one of the best performing economies worldwide because of its business sector. Currently, 60% of the businesses in the UK are sole proprietorships, 7% are partnerships, and 33% are limited companies. These businesses have varying sizes. However, most of them are Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). More specifically, the country has 5.7 million SMEs. These enterprises require support because they are mainly sole proprietorships or budding companies. Some of the support services that they require include web development, cloud computing, and backup services. Sadly, only a few companies in the UK are competent enough to provide them. CCCit is one of them. Here are the top 3 leading ways that your business needs support.


  1. Web Development
    Web development refers to the creation and maintenance of a website. You can create it for the internet or intranet. The development process includes the creation of content and the integration of various applications on the website. Creating this content and integrating these applications requires a lot of skill including knowledge on how to use HTML5 and JavaScript. You have to learn about MVC and C# as well. Moreover, understanding the fundamentals of MySQL and the core concepts of jQuery is necessary. Unsurprisingly, only a few entrepreneurs in the UK have these skills and most of them work as IT service providers. That means the vast majority of companies in the UK require support services in this aspect of a business. These services will help them expand their market because internet use in the UK stands at 90%.
  2. Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing is a relatively new concept for many people, but the idea existed as far back as 1977. However, its development and subsequent popularity became a reality in the 2000s. Interestingly, the term ‘cloud computing' came into existence in 2006 when Amazon popularized it. Did you know that the most common age among business owners in the UK is 51 years old? Finder UK revealed this information after it conducted a study of 5 million business owners in the UK. That means the birth of the average business owner took place in the 1960s. These business owners require help with relatively new concepts such as cloud computing. Understanding them or appreciating their importance is difficult for them because they have run their companies for many years without them.
  3. Cyber Security & Backup Services
    A 2016 survey discovered that hackers attacked the computer systems of one in five British companies in that year alone. These hackers targeted vital documents such as client databases so that they could steal personal and financial information. Dealing with these hacks is possible through various cyber-security measures. Your company needs support on that. One way that IT companies can offer this support to you is by helping you develop effective and secure backup services. In this case, attacks by hackers on your system would have a minimal effect on your business. That would happen because you can shut down your primary database as you deal with the attack. Then you can use your backup data in case the hackers corrupted your primary database. Click on for these IT services and more.


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