xbox one

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled the next Generation of its Xbox videogame console, Xbox One.Microsoft’s current console, the Xbox 360, has overtaken the Console from both the Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii since it was introduced seven years ago with Different Sensors Things.This New Console will have the Microsoft Windows 8 /RT designed for tablets, has been re-engineered for the main UI of the Console,this version of OS will be used to run apps like Skype and other non-game titles downloaded from the Xbox storefront. Virtualization technology similar to Microsoft’s Hyper-V will be used to allocate the bulk of system resources to a second, dedicated “Xbox OS” when the user loads up a game and The Final OS is a sort of mediator between the two operating systems.

Mr. Mehdi said the Xbox One will be an all-in-one entertainment system, with Skype, internet, on-demand TV and movies in addition to live television i.e, Multi-Purpose Device it is!

The system will boot up in seconds, with the help of an improved version of speech and gesture controls in the popular Kinect game accessory.


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