Muay Thai is a type of sport whose origin is Thailand. It is a traditional martial art established centuries ago. It can be traced back to the middle of the 18th century. The Muay Thai is also known as Thai-boxing. It is known as the art of eight limbs. It uses a combination of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Though is it considered to be a traditional art of fighting, Muay Thai has been able to find itself in the international sports platform.


It spread across the world between the 20th and 21st centuries. Westernized experts from Thailand began competing in kickboxing a sport that had a mixture of Muay Thai rules. This professional league is governed by The Professional Boxing Association of Thailand. This sport is now popular, and it is all over the internet. Even social media such as Instagram and Facebook has information about this sport. If for instance, you are looking for a place to train, the information can be obtained online.

Muay Thai Training Camps

Today Muay Thai has become a professional sport with training camps all over the world. The training in the camps is done on different levels. Information on the training camps is provided on websites. Since it has become a professional sport, some people approach the training camps for professional coaching. These are people seeking to learn the skills and rules of the game so that they can become professionals in the game. The training enables them to professionally learn the skill and its rules so that they can be able to compete in the international leagues. Another group of people who approach the training camp is those who want to keep fit. Thai Boxing is also helping people to keep fit. Their different techniques applied in the art to help maintain their bodies to become physically fit. Lastly, we have a group of people who train in Muay Thai so that they can learn the skill of defense. Many women and girls across the world have been seen to engage in activities such as boxing Kun Fu including this Thai boxing. The training has been said is a way of equipping them with fighting skills. The skills are supposed to help them defend themselves.

Chalong Muay Thai and Technology

Muay Thai has also advanced in technology. It is no longer a traditional martial art as it used to be. Since it has become an international sport, more transformation has been realized and far as this sport is concerned. There are now things like protective wear gears which have been developed to make the sport safer. The initial art game was used bare hand. Since it originated during the conflict in Thailand, it was meant to fight back the enemy. Internationally it is a social sport for entertainment. This, therefore, triggered the development of a safe wear gear so that it can make the sport friendlier and not aggressive. Thing such as headgear and boxing gloves protects the fighters from injuries during the match. We also have other advanced equipment in the training camps used for training. It has seen many companies develop advanced training equipment for the sport.

The Internet and Muay Thai

Since martial art from Thailand went internationally, it has been so popular. With the advancement of technology, Muay Thai such as can be found on the internet and on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram. We have people hosting websites with a focus around Muay Thai. We have websites that promote training equipment for this sport. We also have other websites that offer training in this sport. Other websites and blogs are there just to give out information about the sport. This means that information on this Thai boxing is viral and anyone who requires information about the sport can easily access in through the internet.

We also have YouTube with videos on Muay Thai. Some of them have practical training in the sport. So if you are looking for techniques to keep fit, look no further. We have them on YouTube where you can open and view how it is done. You can also learn about the master of the game on YouTube. If who had missed and a Muay Thai game and wondering how it went, YouTube got you covered. Other social media such as Facebook and Instagram has been used to promote the sport. On these social media platforms, you will find videos and pictures on Muay Thai. People who are a fan of this sport are able to catch up with what is trending on this sport.


Muay Thai is no longer just that traditional martial art as it used to be. It is now a professional sport where you can train and fight for money. People are making a living out of it. More information about this sport has been made available online. Using your smartphone, you can visit different online platforms to learn more about it. With the advancement in technology, information about this sport is readily available online.


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