The Ins and Outs of Box to OneDrive Migration

There is something simplistic and yet mesmerizing by how technology has advanced over the years, and with each passing annum, the pace is increasing too.

Minds are being more innovative, ideas are being churned out like robots and I’m pretty sure all over the geek world people are sitting up till all hours of the mornings surrounded by empty coffee cups and mugs. It’s like a scene from a movie, except I’m watching and nowhere near the real thing.

When it comes to me and computers you would rather struggle on with the issue on your own, I can without a doubt make things worse. I’m not sure what it is, I think when I try to tackle it I want so much for it to work and for my brain to catch on, but alas it is not for me.

The Ins and Outs of Box to OneDrive Migration

Thankfully some have been blessed with this skill and talent and I can get back to watching movies. We will be discussing later in this article the art of moving and facilitating all your information to essentially ‘new premises,’ the expertise in all types of migration which you can read about here.

What is migration when it comes to the computer world?

When it comes to the transfer and shifting of files and information we need this to be done as seamlessly as possible, this rules out the risks of data losses and ensures the system is moved over as efficiently and effectively as humanly capable.

But when we move these files we have the option of copying as well, just because we move data doesn’t necessarily mean it’s deleted from the source. It has simply been duplicated. Depending on your needs or business functions this more or copy will be determined at the beginning of the process.

What is the difference between Box and OneDrive?

First, we need to understand that when we talk about box, it’s more suited to what’s known as an enterprise. This way you can manage and share your documents, keep an eye on how things are run regarding processes internally and externally, and you have the freedom to do it how you see fit.

One drive, on the other hand, still keeping in tune with the above-mentioned features, has the added benefit of working with Office 365 applications. This is great for businesses as it includes the services, we have all grown up with, spreadsheets, word docs, and the good old PowerPoint. Who doesn’t love an old school PowerPoint presentation am I right?

At least it’s a step up from the over-head projectors we used to have with the 100’s of handwritten sheets, remember those? For a quick walk down memory lane, check out this link and I bet the memories will come flooding back. They were brilliantly horrible.

The box is available for file sharing to your staff as well as clients via their desktop, mobiles or any device they may be using, and it can store any type of file you might have or are transferring over.

One drive, while offering the same options, has the increased value of storing and sharing any file, anywhere, on any smart device. And with the Office 365 tools at your fingertips, it is a business owner’s dream.

When it comes to storage both offer upfront free space of 5GB or 10GB respectively, which if needed can be upgraded either with a once-off fee for the year, or monthly installments.

Security is another factor to consider, box gives the offer of encrypted files that can be managed by administrators from a central file management system. One drive gives you a more in-depth look at what’s going on, who is sending what files and to whom and can be remotely wiped at any given stage from the admin center.

Both are great in their respectful fields, one naturally more suited for the corporate world if that’s where you’re based, and can certainly change the way you run your empire.

The Ins and Outs of Box to OneDrive Migration-2

5 Advantages of ‘moving over.’

  • You can share and communicate all your data and information for say a specific function or event and with anyone around the world, and even more useful with a group of staff. No longer the back and forth of the email relay.
  • With the systems in place on both ends, you can synchronize files and folders uninterrupted resulting in a key factor of no data losses.
  • The newer version has been topped up with more character typing space, now those file names can be in full, no more abbreviations and shorthand causing confusion. More details, better comprehension, and assurance of transitioning to the correct file path. You can ‘keep track’ of the folder and access it easily.
  • In use. What’s great about one drive is that most of the software you already own and use, nearly every business in the world uses Office 365 and its tools, and one drive simply integrates your platforms to best suit your office applications.
  • There are so many creeps out there looking for a chance to get into your business through the back door, one drive is a trusted safety and security-full program and has the extra peace of mind from introducing the ‘Vault’ feature. You can be safe in knowing your sensitive files and info is protected.

This sound too good to be true, am I right? But fear not, this is available to mere mortals like ourselves. For all the help and expert advice you need, be sure to get in touch with – Moving Box to OneDrive in a swift and effortless procedure while providing the quality of customer care and service you deserve.

This idea you had and the business you have built is your baby, after all, you have nurtured it, watched it grow and expand into the ‘authority’ it is today. Taking action to keep it secure is a priority, and its efficacy is in your hands.

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