The 4G rental internet kit is a reliable and affordable internet solution. It is more powerful than MiFi since MiFis provide a connection for 4-5 users while the kits can be configured to support up to 15 users. While MiFis have limits on data usage and have overage charges, 4G kits provide unlimited data usage. In addition, Mifis suffer from a limited range of Wi-Fi broadcast while the 4G internet kit router has 3Wi-Fi antennas that are Omni-directional and have the ability to amplify the Wi-Fi signal thus boosting the network range up to 60 feet.

However, with all these modifications, the setup is easy since it only involves a plug and plays and after following the provided quick start guide, the network is ready within two minutes. The set up does not require any software downloads, IT experience or special knowledge which makes it easy to use.

Furthermore, the kit allows for both wired and wireless connections. This also allows for connections of IP- enabled devices like a network printer and Wi-Fi picture frame. The 4G internet kits are available for rent on the short term, normally three days of use but, there are monthly packages available during the busy trade shows seasons for longer term event wifi needs. Since the kit can accommodate for a maximum of 15 connected devices, offices or booths that require more than 15 connections can rent multiple kits.

In addition, instead of renting multiple 4G internet kits, there is also the 4G mega internet kit that supports connections of up to 100 devices. These kits have speeds of 10-80 Mbps down and 5-25 Mbps up which satisfy all connectivity needs from audience response and mobile apps to software demos and streaming videos. Just like the other internet kit, there is no special knowledge or technical information needed to operate the kits. Rental services for this kit involve a 100 percent money-back guarantee, setup, pick-up services, and white glove delivery. These two kits are highly efficient for all sizes of events depending on the density.


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