How Technology is changing the Online Gaming

Technology has had a huge influence on Online Gaming.

Before I get to that part did you ever imagine about the possibility of making money through online gaming or by Sports betting Sites?

Earning money through online gaming or by betting sites was more like a far-fetched dream a few decades back. But now, it’s nothing more than the icing over a cake. Just look at eSports.

I am quite sure that you are well versed with the recent technological advancement of online gaming. If you are not, then you are someone who is still trapped in the Stone Ages.

Just name a place where you didn’t see people Playing Games? From the Living room to the toilet of a metro station, online gaming is everywhere. This much easy it has become for people to play online games.

Advancements of Online Gaming:

Making money through online gaming, being able to play games anywhere; these are just some basic advancement that has happened to online gaming. Apart from these there are several others which you might be unaware off. Well, let’s discuss some of these elaborately.

Realistic Graphical Upgrade:

This is the second best advancement of online gaming. Back in the days you were quite happy with the pixelated graphics of “Super Mario.” Now be honest!! You were quite fascinated by that. Weren’t you?

Now technology has provided us with the more advanced 4K resolution. But are you satisfied with that? To some extent you might be but after a few years of rigorous usage you would definitely get bored. And then technology will bring in something new.

Artificial Intelligence:

I don’t know about others but according to me this is the best addition to Online Gaming. Well, this might not be something new as it has been there since the beginning of Gaming. But just imagine how far it has come over the years. If you are accustomed with playing against an AI then you would know about the drastic evolution of Ai.

You might not be aware of the fact that the tactics used by AI in war games for flanking, ambushing, etc. are actually real life tactics. The best part about AI is that it’s already at the level of a human player. In quite a few online games, AI teaches the human players about the basic functionalities of the game.

Moreover there are many gambling and betting sites that use AI to prevent the players from cheating.

Three Dimensional Gaming:

This can be listed as the third best change technology has brought about within online gaming. One dimensional games were quite less as these had a lot of limitations.

After that we were introduced to Two Dimensional Games. These games also had a lot of limitations but less than the One Dimensional Games. After that Three Dimensional Games were introduced.

Three Dimensional Games have revolutionized the gaming market and most of the games are 3D nowadays. There is so much that can be achieved with 3D. You can understand yourself how much this has changed gaming over the years.

So what’s next after 3D? Who knows, might be 4D!! It’s not possible to predict the future. All that we can do is go with the flow.

These were some of the major changes that technology has made in the online gaming scenario. Apart from these playing against someone thousands of miles away from you or International Online Gaming Tournaments are some of the small feats that technology has brought in Online Gaming.

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