Technology and How It Changes Our Lives: Now and the Future

Technology Is Meant to Change the Future

Technology is changing your life every second, even though you may not realize it completely. There are technological achievements that influence your life more, there are those that are rather unimportant to you. But the fact is evident: technology is important for a human.


Actually, technology isn’t just important, it makes people's lives as they are. It creates comfort, in all senses of this word. Basically, the joke that people invented everything out of laziness, isn’t a joke but the truth. Moreover, english essay writing helpbelieves that without technology people would not be able to survive.

However, some achievements are more important, while others are secondary ones. What do you think, which technological achievements are going to change the future? Some people believe in these ones:

  • a cure for HIV/AIDS and cancer
  • full nuclear disarmament
  • the contact with alien life
  • the manned Mars mission

HIV/AIDS and Cancer Will Be Defeated

Hopefully, this time will come when these plagues of the modern society will be defeated. HIV and AIDS sound like a life sentence now, while cancer still leaves some hope. Many pharmaceutical companies are working on developing some cure for the conditions, but for now, the diagnosis of HIV/AIDS means what it means. Just imagine how life would change if some cure or some vaccine were developed to prevent or cure those conditions!

Full Nuclear Disarmament

Well, this seems to be so close sometimes. The leaders of all countries should just agree on this and keep their promises. However, this is the most complicated stage in the atomic regulation. Everybody promises, but nobody does. Moreover, countries` leaders are afraid that they will disarm the country, but somebody somewhere will keep a nuclear bomb, and hence, will be able to rule the world.

Aliens Are Near

This moment has been described in many science fiction booksand shown in so many films, that you almost know how it shall happen. However, till now, nobody found clear evidence that the alien life exists. Also, there are no signs that it is going to happen in the near future. Moreover, it is not clear if that will even happen at all. But this meeting, a meeting with an intelligent life form from other planets, would definitely change people and their history.

Manned Mars Mission

Come on, this seems to be not so distant. People have stepped on the Moon years ago, and that event was more important than Mars. Mars is not as far, anyway. Moreover, the very first step has been already done, so, it is just the matter of time. And, by the way, there were several unmanned missions, so, now, it is logical to send people there.

Changes that Are Already Here

That is lyrics. You may dream about trips to Mars and meeting smart, funny and friendly aliens, but no joking. There are technological achievements that are changing our lives right now, changing immensely and irreversibly. What are they and what kind of changes are there?


This technology is old and new at the same time. The principle is not new anymore, but the advancement of this technology amazes. And those aren’t just our personal computers that we use for work and entertainment. Those are huge super functional machines that monitor a patient's condition after a surgical intrusion.

Those are super smart machines that manage complex technological processes. Well, can you imagine micro-surgery without machines? Well, ok, those machines aren’t computers in the sense you understand them, but it doesn’t make them less important.

Artificial Intelligence

This is just the start though, but we are already dealing with AI in many fields. Have you ever used an online translator? This is one of the examples how the artificial intelligence can be used. Well, that’s simple. But how about the first android with artificial intelligence? Don’t you think that it can be even scary?


Technology is something that we don’t always notice, but it doesn’t cancel its importance. Technology is here, with its amazing achievements that have changed people's lives forever. However, much more is to be done and achieved. Who knows where that would lead people, but the process is super engaging.

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