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On Apr 5, 2017
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the Serpstat SEO tool is one of the best all-rounder SEO tools out there that can offer you all the key SEO features and more without a hole in your pocket.

Many of the all-in-one SEO tools out there would cost you at $99 or even more on a monthly basis. Yet we end up using them because of the functionality they offer even at such a huge price point. But what if we told you that there is a relatively new all-in-one SEO tool in the market that can satisfy all your SEO needs and still cost you way less than its competitors?

The tool we are going to review today is the Serpstat SEO tool. As said above, the Serpstat SEO tool is a fairly new tool in the market and is up against a very tight competition from other SEO tools from Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz. But what makes the Serpstat SEO tool stand out of the competition are two things:

  1. The quality of its service.
  2. It's pricing.

To give you a better perspective of the Serpstat SEO tool and how well can it suit your needs, today we are here with a detailed review of the Serpstat SEO tool, covering all of its major features.

Even though the Serpstat is basically an SEO tool that lets you optimize the content on your website for Search Engines, below are its other features that make it an all-in-one SEO tool:

  1. Website Analysis.
  2. Backlink Analysis.
  3. Rank Tracking.
  4. Keyword Research.
  5. Site Audit.

Website Analysis:

Website Analysis feature of Serpstat is subdivided into two: URL analysis and Domain analysis.

URL Analysis:

Under URL analysis, the “Keywords” tab will show you all the keywords that any specific URL you enter is ranking among the top 100 results in Google.

The “Competitors” tab will show you the competitors that are ranking organically for the same keyword as the URL you gave as input. Even shares made on Facebook of the input URL is mentioned here.

The URL vs URL feature will let you compare the URL of a specific page on your website with URL from other websites of your choice. Using URL vs URL comparison, you can identify keywords used by your competitors other than the one’s mentioned in your web page so as to improve your site's SEO.

Domain Analysis:

  1. SEO Research:

The “Positions” section allows you to view all of the keywords that a domain ranks for in the Google search engine. Unlike the rank tracking feature of the Serpstat tool where you only get details on keywords that you give as input, the Positions section will let you to even find new and unique keywords that your site rank for.

“Competitors” under Domain Analysis will give you a list of competitors ranking for the same keywords you are ranked for, under the top 20 Google search results. One awesome feature of using the Competitors feature is that it lets you remove any sites that are not relevant to your competition and even lets you add competitors that are missed out.

The Domain vs Domain comparison is similar to the URL comparison mentioned above, however, under domain comparison, you can find keywords that are common or unique to your site and other sites of your choice.

The Domain Analysis section also provides you with a report called “Top Pages” that contains the keywords that your website ranks well for. The Serpstat SEO tool also uses metrics such as Facebook Shares, Google+ Shares, Twitter Shares etc., along with the potential traffic while determining the list of top ranking keywords.

The “Tree view” is another feature that is unique to Serpstat. It features a list of URL in a site along with the keywords that the URL ranks for. It is the best way to have a quick look at the variety of keywords that all the pages of a site are ranking for.

  1. PPC Research:

Under PPC research, you can find the “Keywords” section that shows you the real-time advertisements that are currently running on the site. Other metrics such as CPC, volume, and competition related to the advertisements are also listed.

The “Competitors” tab here displays other domains that have competitive advertisements for similar keywords.

You can make use of the Domain vs Domain feature under PPC research to get a detailed analysis on the use of paid keywords of your site and any two different competing sites. It also shows paid keywords that are unique to each site.

The “Ad Research” and “Ad Example” options can be made use of to find the advertisements that are associated with different paid keywords.

  1. Batch Analysis:

If you need to analyze different competing domains at once without comparing your site with each of them, then the Serpstat SEO tool has got you covered. Using the Batch Analysis tool, you can compare your site with up to 200 different competing domains. The parameters displayed in the Batch comparisons are traffic, advertisements, and target keywords.

Keywords Research:

  1. SEO Research:

Under Keywords Research, you can find the SEO Research section which itself comes with several tabs.

The “Keyword Selection” tab offers you with suggestions that are related to the main keyword of your choice. The results provided also shows you if any social media website is ranking on the top 100 Google SERP for that keyword.

You can find synonyms similar to your target keywords by making use of the “Cluster Keywords” option.

The “Search Suggestions” feature can be made use to find similar keywords based on suggestions from Google autocomplete results. Here you can normally find the long tail keywords related to your target keyword.

Under “Top Pages” you can find the pages on your site that are currently ranking for the most number of keywords.

The “Competitors” tab provides you with a list of sites that are currently ranking for the keyword that you are searching and for its synonym keywords as well.

  1. Content Marketing:

Keywords research is one of the important aspects for content marketers. Under the Content Marketing section in Keywords Research, you can basically find the queries related to your target keyword that people are searching for.

  1. SERP Analysis:

Under SERP Analysis in Keyword Research, you can find the top 100 pages listed in Google Search results for the keyword along with other details such as PPC advertisements for the keyword.

Backlinks Analysis:

All the basic backlink tracking can be done from the “Backlinks Dashboard” of the Serpstat SEO tool. It provides an insight to all important details such as the IP’s, pages and domains that are referring to your site. You can also see other metrics such as the Google Page Rank, Trust Rank and the Alexa Rank of sites that are linking to yours.

Apart from that, you can also view the most commonly used anchor text while linking to your site and the top pages in your website with the most number of backlinks.

Rank Tracking:

The Rank Tracking features of Serpstat are one among the best in any of the SEO tools out there.

Under Rank Tracking, you can find the following:

  • The positions in SERP of the keywords that you are researching for.
  • Allows you to create a group of keywords if you want to track them separately in the future.
  • Gives you details on changes in keyword ranking for several time periods.
  • Shows you competing domains that are targeting the same keyword as entered along with details on position variations of your competitors in the past.

Site Audit:

Have a proper site audit run regularly on your site is very important to improve and maintain the SEO of your website. The Serpstat SEO tool helps you keep your website SEO optimized always by keeping an eye on the following data:

  • Headings and Meta tags.
  • Broken Links.
  • Indexing of pages on your site.
  • Load speed of your site.
  • Server details.

Once all the above data is analyzed, a score on 100 is given. The errors on your site that need to be fixed are highlighted along with the priority of the error so that you can fix high priority errors quickly.

Serpstat SEO Tool Price:

As said in the very beginning, apart from its features, the other major advantage of using the Serpstat all-in-one SEO tool is its pricing.

With prices that range from $19 to $299 per month for personal use and up to $2500 per month for business use, the Serpstat SEO is indeed one of the better-priced SEO tools out there that do not skip on any of the important SEO features.

You can also avail a 20% discount on plan pricing if you pay upfront for a year and a 40% discount if you pay for 3 years upfront.

If you want to check out the Serpstat SEO tool for free before picking on a premium plan, then you can make 30 queries for free using Serpstat SEO tool, however, the results are limited to only top 10. You can even opt to perform a free site audit on 100 pages as well.

Apart from all these, Serpstat also offers a 14-day money back guarantee as well.

Final Words:

From the detailed review above, it is pretty clear that the Serpstat SEO tool is one of the best all-rounder SEO tools out there that can offer you all the key SEO features and more without a hole in your pocket. Even though the database of Serpstat SEO tool may not be vast as competing products, but given the short time the product has been out in the market, Serpstat has advanced quite well from where it began.

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the Serpstat SEO tool is one of the best all-rounder SEO tools out there that can offer you all the key SEO features and more without a hole in your pocket.

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