Basically, if you are a coder or programmer then you will be always interested in finding the codes of different applications like decompiling the program,getting source code info, etc, we may do these things easy way on our computers but its kinda difficult to do these things on our portable devices like tabs/phones and hence XDA member “niranjan94” made a simple app that may show java source of any APK right on your phone.

show java apk

This is basically a Java Decompiler that ‘trys' to extract the .java source code from an APK (Android application) file. There are many such decompilers that run on a PC. But for running them you need to have knowledge on specific things and much devotion, in simple talk its hard to use.

• Easy to use
• Displays code in a clean-syntax-highlighted form
• The decompiled source can easily be copied from the sdcard (source is stored in [B]ShowJava[/B] folder in the sdcard)
• Simple source browser with a summary of all decompilation errors
• Each decompiled source file has commented references to classes that could not be decompiled

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About Source Code of this app:

This will be an Open Sourced project but developer have some more work to do and once he releases final version, he will release the source code for everyone to benefit from it.

Bugs encountered:

There are quite a lot of bugs. That's why this application is in an Alpha Stage. The major bugs are:

• Does not work with system applications in most of the phones (especially one's that are not de-odexed)
• Very slow decompiling process.
• A Not-so-quite user-friendly Source Browser
• A Stupid progress indicator and other bugs too.

Average PlayStore Rating: 4.8

Verdict: This is the best application available to android users(especially coders) where they may know source code of any apk installed on their phone, even there are many bugs but they may be fixed in upcoming final version by developer. Download it from Play Store here.


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