fb home samsung

The new interface from HTC that built with Facebook integration in HTC First smartphone device.

Now there is a rumor from Media that there many smartphone devices that will be able to support Facebook Home in their products, thats
If you have a smartphone variant of Samsung (or HTC), it’s likely you’ll be able to use this interface and Facebook Home will get some software updates are expected to be released in the near future.
So another HTC phone and samsung device will using this Facebook Home.

Starting 12 April, Facebook Home will be used in the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Note II, and Galaxy S4. In addition, the HTC One, One X, and One X+ will also be able to use the Facebook Home, in addition of course the HTC First is sports with Facebook Home UI.

Facebook certainly willing to support as many existing mobile devices. So no need to worry if your smartphone does not support Facebook Home today. As for the tablet, it could just be available before the launch time.

Enjoy With Us 😀



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