Safety of Use of LED Headlights

Safety of Use of LED Headlights-1

The history of car headlights was not particularly exciting until about three decades ago. Front lights were marked as a necessary component of every vehicle, and that was about it. There were only a few types of car lights, and they got the job done. If you’re interested in the history of vehicle lightening, check this source.

With the development and use of new technologies, the need has become a ‘fashion item.' So today we have widespread use of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights in the car industry, although this technology is not new. Popular car brands install them an essential part of modern vehicles, for both inside and outside lightning.

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This technology is continuously upgrading – installation is easier, new features are added, and performance is improved. It seems pretty simple to insert two sets of diodes on the front as low beam lights, on turn signals, positions or stoplights. Aesthetically very acceptable, but is it possible and safe for LEDs to be the primary light source in headlights?

Illumination of the Road Ahead

Big manufacturers are racing to find the perfect headlights solution that will ‘blow away' competitors. For example, some brands place a large number of diodes in separate groups or lines to create better road visibility. In this system, each LED diode works independently. Thus the drivers can adapt these lights according to various situations, without moving the entire headlight.

The LED headlights look quite stylish and are an absolute must-have for newer car models. The diodes are tiny but quite powerful. Thanks to their small dimensions, it’s possible to place them in shapes that fit perfectly into the lines of the vehicle.

No driver or passenger will miss these highlights. They shine with a particular intensity, much stronger than typical halogen bulbs. But all that brightness doesn't mean these lights provide better illumination and visibility.

Performances of bulbs depend on the manufacturer and quality of the diodes. As seen on, general tests have shown that high-quality LED lamps provide better illumination, even in low-light situations. Their application in low beams has proved successful. This type of lighting uses fewer light bulbs, as the illumination distance is not of great importance when headlight re on during daytime.

High Beams Problems

However, when it comes to high beam, there are still some problems with implementing LED in low-distance lights. Although this technology brings a significant improvement in perceptibility, at higher speeds, this ability is declining.

Better visibility is about observing reflective objects, but when you go really fast, they become blurry. Manufacturers are rapidly working to address this issue and LED technology is already showing significant progress.

Night Driving

Safety of Use of LED Headlights-2

Due to the more powerful light output, LED headlights are the right solution for night driving. Unlike halogen and xenon bulbs, which give dull and not so bright light, the diodes provide rays that don't disperse. This feature makes the concentration of light particles higher and provides better visibility.

The efficiency of the LED headlights is best observed during night driving under the street lighting. With halogen bulbs, they can merge with artificial light. The diodes emit more intense light than street lighting, so the difference is clear.

Halogen bulbs are still number one technology in car lightening system. But it seems they’re losing battle comparing to LED lights, as you’ll see on the following link:

On lonely roads, the advice is to adjust your speed during night rides or fog if you notice that the reflecting objects are not apparent to you. Also, drivers going your way may be distracted by your LED headlights. Due to the higher light intensity, the low beam is often mixed with the high beam.

The LED technology is an excellent solution for mass production, which would pay off to both customers and manufacturers. The thing that appeared as current trend slowly became a necessity. But some things have to be better, as some issues related to the safety have to be solved. That's why engineers employed by car brands are continually working to improve the headlamps; every manufacturer has a different approach to the problem, and that can speed up the finding of a solution.

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