Recently, Samsung launched new high-end flagship smartphone i.e, Galaxy Note 3 and then launched Galaxy Gear Smartwatch where it is completely compatible with Note 3 device as it is mostly compatible with Android v4.3.
Samsung already confirmed that Galaxy S3 | Note II | Galaxy S4 and other devices are getting android v4.3 update soon in coming November's 1st week and also said that Galaxy Gear will be supported on these devices.

In the past few days, we got hands-on Galaxy Gear and Note 3 where it clearly indicates that Gear is perfect with Note 3 device. But after trying out it with Note 3, we tried to make compatible Gear with another devices running android of less than v4.3 (Note II=4.1.2) it got connected with NFC tag and successfully working on Note 2 device where few of features were not supposed to be working as because of some system files which are compatible on android v4.3 like Weather | Notifications were not working!

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Let us start what we got to know about it in short:

Samsung Galaxy Gear:

Samsung Galaxy Gear Front end

In short, this is new invention in wearable technology from Samsung where used as portable premium lifestyle gadget with pairing Note 3 and other Samsung devices. Gear is not like a smartphone where you need to connect compatible Samsung Device to it to use all its functionalities.

Simply, Gear is like an accessory to your Samsung smartphone.


Galaxy Gear External Sysberto

The Gear's external body is mix of metal and rubber wrist band with very less weight where it feels like weight-less. It comes in number of colours from which you may choose any of them you like. Gear packed with 800MHz processor, 1.6-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen of 320 x 320 resolution having 1.9 MP camera on wrist-band where wrist-band is adjustable with modern lock system.

Metal-finishing with screws on the front of the device are a nice touch done by Samsung also there are plenty of colour shades available to try out.

There is only one button on right side which functions as Power key/function key. It comes with separate charger unit which is used for NFC pairing and charging the Gear.

Internal Interface & Apps:



As usual, Gear runs on Latest Android OS where smart-features like Smart Wake-up | Relay function and others are included which makes using Gear with ease. By Simple raising the watch up to your eyeline will cause it to activate and show clock.

Until you connect a compatible Samsung device to Gear, your Gear is useless! With double tapping the function key, you may wake-up Gear to give commands via S-voice. Swiping down will start the camera and swiping upwards will show you the dial pad. You may capture pictures, make calls, control music on device and getting notifications over the gear without bringing out your Samsung Smartphone out of your pocket.

There are number of apps are preloaded to be used along on Gear like Voice memo, S-voice commands, Pedometer and many more and you may install your own apps from Samsung App Store directly via paired smartphone.

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Notifications & Communications:

 Galaxy Gear Notifications Sysberto

Within settings of Gear manager, you may specify which notifications should be shown on Gear which can be seen without taking out your smartphone from your pocket. You may give access to show E-mails, Facebook and other notifications right on your gear.

As a portable accessory, you may make calls and receive too and talk over it with loud-speaker and microphone fitted on wrist-band. But as per our use, sound quality was not much better and for hearing perfect you need to keep it closer to talk and hearing too. Either by dialling on Gear dial pad or dialling over the device you may place calls or you may also access all your logs and contacts on Gear seamlessly to be connected all info.


Most impressive feature we saw on Gear is the 1.9 MP Camera which can take photos and shoot the movie(short) perfectly. Swiping down will let you access camera and by just tapping the screen it will capture photo and send it to your paired device via bluetooth. Also, you can take Sound and Shot pictures with the Gear. You may snap like super spy but it makes shutter sound which can't be turned off for any reason.

Gear Manager & Connectivity:

Galaxy Gear Manager Sysberto

Before you connect gear to your device, you need to install Galaxy Gear manager on your Smartphone to get Gear working perfect with your connected device. After installing, you may proceed to pair your gear to your smartphone with NFC pairing with the help of Gear's charger. You may customise all the things for gear with installed Gear manager. You may try different pattern's of clocks, weather widget, notifications selection and etc.

In gear manager, there are lot of options to have full control on Gear like find my gear will start ringing your gear to find where it is! Also, simultaneous find my device feature available on Galaxy Gear's Settings where you may find where your device is!

As already said, Galaxy Gear is paired to smartphone with NFC on charging port. The Gear itself does only have bluetooth connectivity and there is no WiFi, no GPS services and nor any connectivity supported.(Even the direct USB port)

You may try Galaxy Gear on Other devices than Note 3 like Note 2 or S4/S3 even having less android version of 4.3 but few features like weather/notifications will not work but all other things will work fine. The NFC connectivity is more important while pairing with Gear.

Battery backup & Price:

Galaxy Gear NFC Charger Sysberto

Battery backup is quite great where you may use it for 1-2 days after fully charging it and it's quite acceptable as there is no WiFi, no GPS, nor any music player. We may get good performance with less battery consumption even if we used more brightness and always transfer mode too.

As usual Samsung launched Gear with price of 323 $ or 23k INR where it is just too damn high even for those who bought Note 3! We will surely say that the Gear is setting a new trend in wearable technology but the price declared by Samsung is much expensive!

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Samsung's Galaxy Gear started a new evolution in wearable technology from now where lot of things can be done and some are not with Gear. But the price declared by Samsung as a brand is overly expensive. It should be reinvented with few more inch addition to screen and more features to be added with some connectivity options added too. And finally, the cost of it should be about 7k-10k INR as per reviewing it carefully.


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