[Review]15+ New Features in Windows 8.1

So, many of us have got hands-on new update of Microsoft Windows OS i.e, Windows 8.1. There are few things added in newer edition of Windows 8(8.1) such as Start Button, Direct Desktop, and etc. Before we show what things are new in Windows 8.1, we will tell you how to get the update on your current running PC.

How to get Windows 8.1 on my pc?

windows 8.1 store update

There are many options including:

1)Downloading “Windows 8.1 Free update” from Windows store for those who are running Windows 8 (Genuine).

2)But above method is suitable for those who are having only one PC to be updated where if you want to update more than one pc
then you will be needed an ISO for easier installations.

In first case, you won't be required to enter any key as it will be an upgrade but in second case you will be needed to enter a
valid Key of Windows 8.1 as key of Windows 8 will not work on it. You may try temporary KMS Keys for installations and later
on after installation you may change key to Windows 8 and activate it at that instant.

In both cases, you will be required to download about 3.47 GB of it. You may use downloaded files on another pc but still we
recommend an ISO to be downloaded.

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What's new ?

After reviewing Windows 8.1, There are many new features in windows 8.1 such as : 

-Start Button Again Added
-Boot to Desktop Directly
-Improved Windows Store + New Apps
-New Tiles with Resizement
-More deep integration of Bing and SkyDrive
-Help+Tips Added
-Inbuilt Intel HD Drivers
-Multiwindow Apps with newer layout
-New Additions of Settings
-Unified Search Module
-Slideshow on Lock screen
-New Options with lock screen
-“Computer” is now “This PC”
-ON-OFF “Top-Left and Top-Right” Hot Corners
-Customised “This PC” Folders
-Show All Apps By Default

 Short info on few of new features:

Windows 8.1 contains many features that can be refused by Microsoft’ development department on its previous version and
they also recovered remaining holes in 8.

Boot to Desktop:

windows 8.1 boot to desktop

You want to skip the start screen when starting your device, it is the feature added. Now you can directly boot to your desktop.

ON-OFF “Top-Left and Top-Right” Hot Corners:

If you are getting confused on your desktop screen when you move your pointer freely, the app switcher and charms bar can be
disabled by this feature and now you can celebrate your freedom to move your pointer anywhere on desktop screen if you are like
the solid desktop screen.

Start button is Back:

windows 8.1 Start button

It seems something missing in windows 8, Our favorite many times used Bottom-Left corner on the screen where windows start button lives. Windows 8.1 brings back an always-present Start button on
the desktop taskbar, but the start menu isn’t come back. Clicking this button it opens newly invented start screen,
offering more traditional Start menus.

Show All Apps By Default:

windows 8.1 show all apps

You can hide the Start screen and its tiles almost entirely. Windows 8.1 can be configured to show a full-screen list of all
your installed apps when you click the Start button, with desktop apps prioritized. The only real difference is that the
Start menu is now a full-screen interface.

Shared Start Screen and Desktop Backgrounds:

As windows 8 limited you to use the start screen background only the seven designs provided with it. But now you set your
favorite background on start screen also or you just use your desktop background as start screen one. This one gives great
experience this appears the tiles or shortcuts appear to be floating above the desktop rather than off in their own separate

Unified Search:

windows 8.1 search

This is also reintroduced, so you can start typing and search your programs, settings, and files all at once – no more
awkwardly clicking between different categories when trying to open a control panel screen or search for a file.

Namegroup Tiles:

windows 8.1 tiles naming

Even if this feature is old one i.e, available in Windows 8 version but still as introductory purpose, with Windows 8.1, you may arrange your apps with giving a name to their group. It will be easier to navigate from many of apps installed with this naming feature.

Windows Store Improved with New Apps:

windows 8.1 store

Accessing new apps which are supposed to be working on newer version of windows 8.1 are here available in Improved version
Store. Number of apps added with games too.

Deep integration of bing and skydrive:

Microsoft already integrated Bing and Skydrive in Windows but here in Windows 8.1, these are deeply integrated where you are
always connected to cloud-storage and also have option of Bing Desktop features too.

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New Settings, New Lock Screen Options:

windows 8.1 lockscreen


There are tons of new options added in lock screen like, Swiping down will turn on webcam, onscreen slideshow of pictures and
many more.

windows 8.1 privacy

Also, Privacy | Network | Update and Recovery options are new in settings panel(Metro)

“Computer” is Now “This PC”

windows 8.1 this pc

With evolution of Windows OS, My Computer changed to Computer and Now it's “This PC”. This is small change but impressive move though.

Help & Tips:

windows 8.1 help+tips

Windows 8.1 comes with Help & Tips app that will help you to guide about new interface of 8.1, this is most helpful for new
users and for old also because it guides all about.


Windows 8.1 Metro-styled OS is really great update to its previous version of Windows 8 with fixing many problems and improving as well. It is much easier in usability as we use the windows phone.

If you are on Windows 7 and want to try something new then you must give a try to Windows 8.1 as it is much better than previous. Also this is must upgrade for Windows 8 users though!!!

For the pricing and key management, you should head over to Microsoft.

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