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On Mar 11, 2015
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If you want to recover your passwords from various applications, then you need to try SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle once to overwhelm with the response.

What else you look for while searching for password recovery software apart from reliability, easy to access, quick response, assurance and all the best features needed for it? Password Recovery Bundle is among those software that fulfils all these criteria and much more. It is software which performs multi function and resolves all the password related issues over your system.

Why one should opt for Password Recovery Bundle Enterprise?


Tools of any software are something that discriminate it against mass. It also has 22 diverse password crack tools. It is compatible for recovering password over Excel, Windows, PST, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Access, ZIP/WinZIP, PDF, RAR/ WinRAR, SQL, Online website IE Browser, Email etc. People prefer this software to others due to its faster access than its competitors. This password recovery toolkit of 22- in -1 password crack tools is most practical one of all.

Additional features:

  • 80+ varieties of files could benefit by spontaneous password recovery.
  • The rate of password recovery is cent percent.
  • It includes 22 tools to crack powerful password.
  • Supports windows XP/Vista/10/ 7/8/8.1.


Password recovery is done for what kind of files?


Though it’s tough to explain or mention all the files whose password could be recovered through this software but the popular ones are as follows:

  • It facilitates recovering password for SQL database as well as MS Access.
  • Word, PST, RAR, ZIP, PDF PowerPoint and Excel files’ password could be recovered by utilizing this software.
  • It helps in removing, resetting, recovering users’ password and Windows administrator too.
  • Outlook Express, Internet Browser and Outlook’s password could be recovered too by this renowned software.

This software has a great ability to recover password. It is really impressive the way this software is proving its compatibility with so many types of files.

Compatibility with Multi-Core CPU and GPU

Its biggest function is that in all AMD processor and Intel it supports all the files with improved advanced pursuit algorithm as well as code of RAR/ZIP archives, MS office files, PDF files etc in order to regain password. The terms may sound complicated but to regain the password of all these kind of files is an easy task for Password Recovery Bundle Enterprise.

The decoding of documents are 100% with the assistance of the service of Online Password Remove Service.

You do not have to do the upgradation manually and it will be directed automatically by the software, itself. These frequent upgradations keep on updating the algorithms of server and resulting in the accelerated rate of decoding the password.

You can even locate the passwords that have been incepted via MS Office 97-2013.

The rate of password remover is 100% when it comes to decoding.

Expedite on ATI GPU and NVIDIA utilizing not only CUDA but Open CL technology, CPU and Multi-Core processor too and reinforce for RAR/ PDF/ MS Office.

What type of offline attacks could be beneficial by this software?

Altogether there are almost three kinds of offline attacks are handled by this software through their local Password Recovery aid.

  • Brute-force attack- all best possible combinations are endeavor with all symbols and characters to crack MS Office password.
  • Dictionary attack- self made dictionary or built in option could be used to regain the lost office password.
  • Mask attack with Brute force- Preset the length of the possible password and characters too so that password could be recovered in the minimal time span. This is the most common procedure adopted by mass.

Completely user friendly


As mentioned early the compatibility of this software is too wide and hence could be said completely user friendly. You get a complete manual assistance hence no further training is required to implement it. No matter even you are a newbie to this stream use it with ease.  It is compatible with all kind of laptops, PC and window OS so it could be the voice of mass for password recovery. Instant messenger, email clients, web browsers and other relevant applications with their upgraded version is supported by it.

If you want to learn more, you need to try Smartkey Password Recovery Bundle once to overwhelm with the response and there are 3 different editions are available as:

Standard | Professional | Enterprise 

You can choose the appropriate version depending on your needs where the Standard version starts from $29.95 and all in one Enterprise edition costs $79.95/- with lifetime support and lifetime updates too and hence it's said as Ultimate package of Password Recovery Tools!

Let us know your thoughts about the software in the comments.

If you want to recover your passwords from various applications, then you need to try SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle once to overwhelm with the response.