Remote Monitoring A Bane or a Boon


Now that everything has gone digital, and the culture of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is getting adopted in an increasing number of firms, it was inevitable that employers would want to keep an eye on their employees’ digital gadgets during work hours. A number of monitoring iOS and android app, as well as certain software have made their way to the digital marketplace and they have been serving their purpose quite effectively. However, one feature that has really stood out is that of remote monitoring, as it allows people in different professions and roles to make their life a whole lot easier.

Everything’s in Reach

Monitoring has been in businesses for quite some time now, but it was difficult for the corporations to actually look at every activity performed by their employees due to their large number. However, with remote monitoring, the things have been made a lot easier as it allows one administrator to get all the information needed on their computers or mobiles. For example, if an employer is running a courier business, he/she will be able to keep track of their employees’ location on their computer through remote monitoring. Same is the case with other digital gadgets, as employers can install monitoring software onto employees’ work computers/mobiles and get information about whatever they are doing without too much trouble.

Something for Everyone

Remote monitoring is not only beneficial for the employers but it has also been used in variety of other fields. Healthcare is one of the biggest beneficiaries of this feature. Now, a patient is able to perform routine tests at their home and send that data to healthcare professionals via mobiles or computers. This saves a lot of time for both the doctors and patients. Another example is of IT, which has to remain on its toes all the time. With remote monitoring, it can keep an eye on the digital gadgets of everyone and will let them know if something’s wrong before it can do any serious damage.

It’s the Future

Remote monitoring usage is increasing with every passing day as it has now been used with positive train control (PTC) which is a system that allows monitoring on the train movements, so that the safety can be increased. Furthermore, there are smart grid technologies that have been functioning for a long time and have made people’s lives a whole lot easier. Manufacturing and telecommunications are the major sectors that are reaping the benefits of the grid technologies.

Privacy Invasion

Remote monitoring, without any doubt is a great feature but it does invade privacy. People may not be comfortable sharing their personal information with others, and disregard this feature altogether. The concern for privacy has spiked, especially since the revelations made by Edward Snowden. This may affect the popularity and reputation of remote monitoring among the masses.

However, looking at the advantages that remote monitoring brings to the table, one can safely assume that people would start to look at the positive side of it and accept this new technology. Remote monitoring is certainly a boon and is expected to be quite helpful in the future.

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