Reasons Why Local SEO in Chicago is Best for Your Business

Being and entrepreneur and owning any kind of a business in today's climate means that you have definitely heard of Search Engine Optimization. Even if you are not entirely sure how it works, the one thing you are convinced in is its importance. Who could possibly imagine a better way to reach a large audience in no time? And driving traffic to your website is the first step towards increasing your professional success.

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Nowadays, advertising online takes precedence over any kind of traditional marketing, such as flyers, pamphlets, paper advertisements, radio or TV commercials. And no wonder this is the case. Technology is evolving and the people of business need to know how to flow with the current. Otherwise, they will get washed away with the tide.

Taking everything into account, the role of SEO in the achievements of a company is indisputable. That is reason enough to familiarize yourself with the concept. In this process, you will come across many different types of Search Engine Optimization and, hopefully, figure out which one suits you best. Useful content.

Importance of Local Search Engine Optimization Agencies and Digital Marketing Companies

If you are running a business in the most populous city in the U.S. State of Illinois, there are a few things you can use to your advantage. One of those is…you guessed it right – Local Search Engine Optimization. Some of the methods used in local search engine marketing differ significantly from standard SEO practices.

What is Local SEO?

Sure, creating a website and driving any kind of traffic to it increases your chances of selling your goods and services. However, that is not all there is. The key is to promote your business to your local customers exactly at the time they need it, i.e. when they are making related searches online. This is what you can achieve with the help of Local SEO. Let me briefly explain how this works.

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Informational vs. Local Searches

Imagine you are a car mechanic who wants to check out the latest trends in your industry, or learn how to solve a specific problem. But you have no intention of buying anything. You grab your internet-connected device and type something along the lines of: “How to fix a stiff steering wheel”. This is called an informational search and you wouldn’t want car repair shops popping up in the results. Since, well, that’s not what you need.

Now, imagine you are, say, a banker, whose car started making weird noises and you’re thinking of having it checked out. You want to know about the best shops in your area, since you do intend to exchange your hard-earned money for a service. But first, you want to find the right place.

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This is why you will type something like this in the search engine: “Best car repair shops in Chicago”. In addition to that, Google knowing your location makes typing even two words, such as “car mechanic” enough. It recognizes the need behind your keywords and, in a matter of seconds, you are presented with a list of shops in your vicinity. This is called a local search.

If you want to know how the local search algorithm works, here’s a good place to start:

As you could have probably guessed by know, local searches target a specific area and provide your enterprise with a chance to pop up and stand out at the right moment. This makes investing in local SEO a really smart move. But, before you do so, you might want to learn about the exact services it offers.

Main Local SEO Services

The rules of local SEO are in many ways different from those that apply for the general, broader optimization. It is an ever-changing and evolving concept which takes a lot of time and effort, but gives spectacular results. Opting for it increases the visibility of your business, which leads not only to more website visits, but also to more foot traffic and direct contact. Below, I have listed four services this option offers that can really make a difference.

  1. Localization

Website localization essentially means that the name of your city or region should naturally be included throughout the site. But what if you have several locations? Don’t worry; there are a lot of ways to include those as well. One of those consists of creating separate pages for different locations.

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  1. Backlinks

It’s 2020, but rest assured that backlinks are still in. However, it does depend on where they are coming from. For example, if you are an SEO company, getting backlinks from, for example, Next Level Metro Agency or a different prominent website, might work wonders for you. The same goes for a hairdresser getting links from a popular hairstyle blogger.

Through these, the search engines start recognizing you as a trusted source of information, which helps your site rank higher. Bloggers, business associations, newspapers – all of these can be helpful in increasing your traffic. As long as the site is relevant and well-regarded, it can be of good use.

  1. Google My Business

This one is not that complicated, yet it is of utmost importance. When taking your business online, the first thing you should do is claim your Google My Business page. This gets you displayed on Google maps, local search results and other important Google Services.

  1. Reviews and Ratings Management

You might already know that getting genuine and honest feedback is highly relevant for what you do. Among other things, it helps you identify your strong and weak spots. This leads to improving your overall service, as well as to gaining your customers’ trust.

However, in the world of SEO, this also has another purpose. When you receive reviews and people rate your business, a signal is sent to search engines. Your site and service get recognized as useful and trustful. Of course, the number of reviews you get, their quality, as well as the authority of the review sites all play a big role in the resulting search rankings.

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