Quick Heal Total Security 2013 available now in the new form and new look then previous one. In our Home we have 3 Systems in with installed Quick Heal Total Security and Internet Security Version too where Quick Heal works best than any other available market anti-virus software.

Basically, many of us never use anti-virus as because of many thinkings like, System will go slow if I installed a anti-virus or because of Money to be paid for using them and updating database, But this is very serious thing for those who having lot of important data with heavy schedule everyday who can”t take risk of Data damage or theft too as Anti-virus software will protect your Computer System as well as keep your system optimized and risk free from different threats.

Today, We are doing full review on Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Anti-virus suite which is best than any other available packages and also better than any other available anti-virus in the market(Atleast in the India)

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Main Key Features:

quick heal review

Quick Heal provides different Security suits with different requirements of users like Internet Security |Basic Security | including Windows OS and also available for MAC too.

Main key features of Quick heal are as follow as listed:

Core Protection: Complete protection for your pc with a deep system scan with many tools

Web Security: Real time cloud-based security protection restricts access to malware, threats affected web resources.

Parental Control: Schedule and control internet usage for your children.

PC Tuner: This is a optional product bundled with total security and also available as separate software if you want to purchase it that speed up system performance with optimizing applications,services and cleaning unwanted things like registry entries and files in a single impact.

USB Drive Protection: Automatically scans external device when plugged in system and protects drives from autorun infections.

Silent Mode: Disables prompts across all Quick Heal modules thereby reducing system load and allowing uninterrupted PC usage.

Browser Sandbox and Data Theft Protection:

Running your web browser in a browser sandbox gives you an uninterrupted and secure browsing experience. It is like acting like a screen between your PC”s operating system and the malicious threats it limits the attack surface and Prevents unauthorized copying of data using flash drives.

PC2 Mobile Scan: Scans and cleans mobile phones, Smartphones and PDA”s from your PC which are compatible.

It runs in the background without interrupting your usual work and takes appropriate actions automatically.

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How Quick Heal Optimize Your System?


quick heal tuner

Some people says that using anti-virus suite decrease your system performance and you can”t run so many things with continuous interruption while using system, but by the point of my view this is total wrong as I am using this Security Suite from many years and never felt slowness in my system in fact my system stays Protected from many threats also by keeping away Malware , Viruses and many of threats from my system which helps indirectly to boost the pc performance.

PC tuner bundled app checks system thoroughly and takes mandatory actions to optimize system in right way.

Scanning Options and Overview on Different Tools:

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There are lot of options available in the scanning of system such as follows:

Full System Scan:

Full system scan will scan entire computer including all mounted drives and with Deep Scanner.

Custom Scan:

For Scanning particular area or any file/folder, you may use this option.

Memory Scan:

Memory scan simply scans memory for any suspicious threats.

Boot Time Scan:

If you want to thorough scan your whole system and with proper sterilization then you may use Boot Time Scanner that will scan Bootrecords alongwith all the files.

Mobile Scan:

As earlier discussed, Quick heal let you scan your Smartphones and Compatible PDAs too.

Tools available alongwith the security suite:

There are plenty of useful tools available to make system secure via manual method or by automatic use too, like:

quick heal tools review

Technical Support:

As Quick Heal Security suite is best available in the market, there Technical support is also great as you may contact them about any query via E-mail / Web / Phone too. If you have any query or any problem in configuring or setting up Security suite than you may ask them and they may help you via Team Viewer or if possible they may help you on Web.


With availability of the other Anti-Virus Security Suits, You may try and then buy Quick Heal Security suite which works perfect and makes your System secured, updated and optimized too. Total Security Suite is available at Rs.1,949/- for 1 User and 1 year only. You may get it from local store / and will say simply that You Must Use Anti-Virus Software on your Computer.


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